Cottonwood Air Quality Impact: How PreVent® Prefilters Shield Rural Spaces

The Cottonwood Challenge

As the cottonwood season approaches, building managers face a persistent annoyance—the constant influx of cottonwood seedlings. These seemingly innocuous fluff particles, measuring just 1/10 of an inch, can wreak havoc when they infiltrate rooftop HVAC systems. Here’s why cottonwood poses a challenge:

  1. Clogging and Reduced Performance: Cottonwood seedlings easily clog HVAC filters and cooling fins. Reduced airflow affects system efficiency, impacting air quality within factories and facilities.

  2. Worker Health and Productivity: When thousands of cottonwood seedlings descend upon a facility, air quality suffers. Workers exposed to poor air quality may experience respiratory issues, allergies, headaches, and fatigue.

  3. Humidity and Temperature Regulation: Blocked airflow disrupts precise humidity and temperature control, leading to production inefficiencies and higher costs.

PreVent®: The Solution

PreVent® prefilters emerge as the ultimate defense against cottonwood and other airborne pollutants. Here’s why they stand out:

  1. Improved Performance:

    • Designed for first-line particle filtration, PreVent® prefilters surpass traditional mesh filters.
    • Their smooth fiber fabric minimizes airflow resistance while maximizing debris-holding capacity.
  2. Cost Savings:

    • Washable PreVent® prefilters offer cost-effective solutions.
    • Models like PreVent Model PF slide into existing filter systems, reducing the need for disposable filter change-outs.
  3. Versatility:

    • PreVent® offers various mounting options and frames, tailored to specific needs.
    • Consider adding a vinyl-framed prefilter screen in front of pleats to capture large particles.

PreVent® Models: Tailored Solutions

  1. PreVent Model PF:

    • Rigid wire mesh back panel with polypropylene layers.
    • Easy to clean, durable, and effective against contaminants like cottonwood, pollen, and insects.
    • Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.
  2. PreVent Models U & BHA:

    • Flexible, vinyl-edged air intake protection filters.
    • Custom-designed to fit any outdoor air intake.
    • Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance and utility costs.

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