The cottonwood environment is where Permatron Prevent Prefilter operates best
Building managers must deal with the annoyance of maintaining equipment free from the constant stream of cottonwood seedlings as cottonwood season approaches. Even at 1/10 of an inch, cottonwood seedlings may be blown into the wind and sucked in by rooftop HVAC systems. Cottonwood will block vents, reduce performance, and eventually raise cooling costs when it enters.

PreVent® prefilters are the best defense against cottonwood and other airborne pollutants because of its enhanced design, adaptable construction, and affordable price.

Improved Performance - PreVent Prefilters are designed for first line of defense particle filtration, surpassing the standard capabilities of traditional mesh filters. The task of cleaning metal mesh filters becomes a recurring headache when cottonwood gets stuck, intensifying the problem rather than resolving it. Our filters are crafted with smooth fiber fabric chosen for low airflow resistance and high debris-holding capacity.

Cost Savings - Permatron washable prefilters offers cost-effective solutions. For instance, our Model PF, like many of our filters, can easily slide into an existing filter holding system, removed and quickly cleaned, ultimately saving money by minimizing the number of required disposable filter change-outs.

Versatility - PreVent offers a wide array of choices that metal mesh cannot, including various mounting options and frames, providing tailored solutions for your specific needs. While some opt to use disposable pleats within their equipment, we also offer the option to add a vinyl framed prefilter screen in front of the pleats to capture large particles.

Model Types

  • Model U1 and Model U2 are constructed with one or two layers of three-dimensional (BHC) black honeycomb polypropylene electrostatic media, encased in a sewn vinyl edge with double row stitching and attached with stainless steel grommets
  • Model BHA is constructed with one layer of black PVC-coated polyester high-abrasion media, encased in a sewn vinyl edge with double row stitching and attached via stainless steel grommets. This media meets NFPA-701 Flame Resistance.
  • Model PREVENTWA is a washable synthetic fabric media, cut-to-fit style , packaged with bungee cords to secure the filter in place
  • Model U and Model BHA PreVent filter screens are also available in custom sizes for large commercial / industrial cooling systems, check out the PreVent System
  • Model CTFS is a new pulley mounting option for installing PreVent BHA filters over large equipment. It allows you to lower the screen to clean in place by brushing with a broom, and then lift it back up into place.
  • Other PreVent filter options include the PreVent 3-Dimensional Bonnet, Fan Guard and Vent Cap with flexible vinyl or elastic edging, and PreVent Model R with a rigid steel frame.
  • Mountkit-S12, Mountkit-S100, Mountkit-D12, Mountkit-D100 are screw in plastic mount kits, available in 12 or 100 counts, to install PreVent Models U & BHA.

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