John & Dave Kenney

Bel-Aire is a specialty store of indoor air quality products. Originally founded in 1965 by the Kenney family. Bel-Aire started as a New England area factory authorized service center for electronic air cleaners.

In 2007, Dave kenney released the 3rd generation store with unsurpassed product information and repair help.
Bel-Aire is a pioneer of online technical support. Our web site provides comprehensive product information based on over a decade of online customer support. We have expert product knowledge, we have demo equipment to help us answer product questions, and we have test equipment for service questions. We stock and ship products from our warehouse in Seekonk, Massachusetts.

Ericson doRosario

In 2021 the store was acquired by Ericson, an experienced crucial employee and eager younger generation. The technology-oriented generation are dedicated to grow and explore the potential for the future of the store in a competitive market. The 4th generation website aims for a simpler, secure, friendly and forward-thinking experience, while preserving the quality and values Bel-Aire build over centuries.

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