Honeywell Merv 11 PopUp Filter Replaces Aprilaire 201
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Genuine Honeywell replacement filter for the Aprilaire model 2200 containing the 201 filter. Size of filter is 21 x 25 x 5½ inch. PopUp2200 is ASHRAE rated MERV 11.

No assembly required and no pleat spacers nor end caps is required to assemble. Filters literally pop-up ready to use. Supported by American Lung Association healthy house.


Description Aprilaire Compatible Expandable Filter
Aplication Filter Upgrade for Stock# 201
Dimensions PopUp2200 Size 21 x 25 x 5½ inch
Efficiency Standard Efficiency ratings based on ASHRAEStandard 52.2-1999.
Efficiency Standard Efficiency ranges are defined for:
Small particles, E1=0.3 to 1.0 microns,
Medium particles, E2=1.0 to 3.0 microns,
Large particles, E3=3.0 to 10.0 microns.
Franctional Standard Not Available
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value
(Media Filters Only)
Static Pressure Drop
(in. w.c.)
not Available
Type of Air Cleaner Media Air Cleaner
PopUp2200 is used in Aprilaire 2200 and SpaceGard 2200

Honeywell Filter Made for Aprilaire 2200

The Aprilaire model 2200 can also accept the Honeywell PopUp2200 filter, replacing the 201 filter. Honeywell has designed the Merv 11 Popup filter to replace the Aprilaire 201 filter. The Honeywell filter slides right in to the 2200 steel frame. The Aprilaire plastic housing and pleat spacers are not needed. Eliminating the messy disassembly and assembly of the 201.

aprilaire Model2200 Chassis with a Honeywell filter 201

Fedders Trion AirBear Fits Aprilaire 2200

The Aprilaire model 2200 can also accept the Trion AirBear 255649-102 filter, replacing the 201 filter. The AirBear fits snugly in to the 2200 plastic housing. The Aprilaire pleat spacers are not needed with the Air Bear. Eliminating the messy disassembly of the old filter and tricky assembly of the new 201 filter.

Trion Airbear compatible with model 2200 to replace 201 filterTrion Airbear compatible with model 2200 to replace 201 filter

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