EZ Kleen High Quality Aluminum Metal Mesh Air Filters

The technique used by EZ Kleen filters is depth loading. They are able to collect more particulate matter for a longer period of time thanks to this procedure. Due to its low starting resistance, EZ Kleen permits dust and dirt particle resistance to build up very gradually. This increases our performance in comparison to other filters and prolongs the life of our filter.

To precisely match your desired dimensions for size, shape, and performance, EZ Kleen custom filters may be made in a variety of thicknesses and can be flat, domed, or round.

  • Flexibility in shape and size
  • Low resistance
  • Versatility in performance
  • Washable air filter
  • Wear resistant

EZ Kleen Activated Carbon Air Filter
The EZ Kleen carbon air filter's improved reactive chemistry eliminates odors and absorbs VOCs and acid gasses.

EZ Kleen Range Hood
All-aluminum catches 86% of the grease particles or with a layer of carbon catches 97% of the grease particles. This allows the grease to penetrate deeper, which gives you a longer time span between cleanings, keeps your cooking surface cleaner and prolongs the life of your range hood. Designed as a replacement filter for Broan, Caloric, NuTone, Gaffers & Stattler and Whirlpool range hoods.

EZ Kleen Mist Eliminator Filter
The expanded metal and layered slit construction of the EZ Kleen mist eliminator filter is housed within a sturdy aluminum frame. The frame's holes enable appropriate drainage and the diversion of the liquid that is captured to the right drain.

EZ Kleen Aluminum Mesh Filter EMI/RFI Protection
EZ Kleen Filters offer radiofrequency and airborne contaminant attenuation for electronic equipment that needs ventilation. One filter can be used for both the EMI/RFI attenuator and the combined air filter, or one filter can be used for each of the two tasks of eliminating contaminants.

EZ Kleen Trim-To-Size®
It is simple to cut a Trim-To-Size® filter. The material can be cut with regular scissors or a utility knife; it is advised to cut along a ruler to guarantee a straight edge.

Industrial EZ Kleen & EZ Kleen
Standard and Industrial EZ kleen mesh filter width capabilities are 2", 1", 1/2", 3/8", 3/32" and choice of .012 or .019 gauge frame stock.

  • Standard EZ Kleen filters offer low resistance for varying velocities up to 3.3 m/s.
  • MV EZ Kleen filters are design to operate at higher velocities up to 6.0 m/s.
  • Industrial EZ Kleen filters are made to operate in larger industrial air handling system including air velocities up to 8.4 m/s.

EZ Kleen Filter Accessories

  • Spring Clips
  • Cross Brace
  • Drain Holes
  • Pull Tabs

How To Keep Filter Clean
Aluminum EZ Kleen filters are used in a variety of applications, but all need to be cleaned when they have collected enough particulate to restrict airflow.

  • Use warm, soapy water to clean all varieties of EZ Kleen filters.

  • After being cleaned, rinsed, and dried, aluminum EZ Kleen grease filters—like those over a cooking surface—can be put back in place.

  • Apply an even layer of PuraClean Filter Coat to aluminum EZ Kleen air filters, such those used in HVAC systems, to bring their particle collecting efficacy back to like-new levels after washing, rinsing, and drying.

PuraClean Filter Coat  does more than just function as an adhesive to keep trapped dirt bound to the filter. As the air passes through the PuraClean filter spray, an electrostatic charge (static electric charge) builds up on the filter drawing particles to the filter.

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