Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Air Filtration Systems and Media

Cooling TowerMining equipment requires significant power and investment in a cool, well-ventilated, remote space. However, controlling the outdoor environment, including high winds and debris, can be challenging. PreVent filters can improve cooling tower reliability and efficiency.

Proper air filtration systems and air filters are crucial for maintaining dust-free and temperature-controlled devices, preventing mining operations, and preventing damage to critical components beyond repair.

Permatron PreVent prefilters, made of UV-protected electrostatic polypropylene media, prevent dust from entering equipment racks and prolong the lifespan of interior high-efficiency filters, ensuring data centers remain cool. The product offers low resistance to air flow, reduces maintenance and energy costs, comes with a 5-year warranty, and is made in the USA.

Custom fit with a variety of frame & mount options for mining solutions

Prevent Model R
1/4” steel frame with magnetic stripping mounts to the front inlet opening

Model R

Prevent Model U
Sewn vinyl frame & grommets mounts to the front inlet opening with MagnaMount or screw-in plastic fasteners

Model U

Prevent Model PF
1” or 2” steel frame slides easily into existing filter rack

Prevent Model PF

Custom fit variety of filter frame and mount options

Air Filter Housings

  • Aire-Loc: Side-Access Filter Housing - The units are designed for two stages of filtration, accommodating a 2" or 4" deep pre-filter and a bag or rigid final filter with a 1" header. Housing depths of 22-1/4”, 34-1/4”, and 42”.
  • Aire-Loc: Flat Bank Filter Housing - The housings are designed for single stage filtration, suitable for both new and replacement applications, and can accommodate 2-Inch or 4-Inch deep pre-filters.
  • Aire-Loc: V-Bank Filter Housing - The housings are designed for dual stage filtration, accommodating deep pre-filters and V-shaped filters, doubling the media's face area without increasing the footprint.
Air Filter Housing

Air Filters
Merv 8–13 Pleated High Velocity Air Filters

  • Superior Airflow
  • Less Restrictive
Air Media Filters

Impact Element: Reusable/Washable Filter

  • Superior Airflow
  • Less Restrictive
Reusable/washable filter

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