Electronic air cleaner cells should be washed every 3-6 months, using immersion instead of dishwashing or pressure water. NuCalgon Special HD CalClean gallon is recommended for hard-to-remove deposits.

Washing cells by hot water immersion in a tub

1. Soak cells and pre-filters in hot, soapy water for 30-60 minutes, agitate, and remove. Use low sudsing detergent like Wisk Laundry for best results.

2. Wipe ionizing wires with a damp cloth to remove coating, which can be removed with a 600-grit emery cloth, but care not to cause wire damage.

3. After removing the cells from the detergent solution, thoroughly rinse them in fresh, warm water.

4. After washing cells, rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water and gently swish pre-filters through the detergent solution to loosen larger particles.

5. The cells and pre-filters should be allowed to drip-dry for at least two hours, with slight tilting to allow water to drain off.

6. Re-insert the collecting cell and pre-filters after drying, allowing additional drying time if excessive snapping is observed.

Washing the cells in automatic dishwasher

1. Position the cell on the dishwasher's lower rack, it may be necessary to remove the upper rack and ensure unobstructed water flow to the upper arm.

2. Using regular dishwasher detergent, let the dishwasher finish the entire wash and rinse cycle. Do not use the dry cycle. This bakes any contaminants on the plates.

3. Using a wet cloth, wipe the ionizer wires and contact board on the end of the cell with your thumb and forefinger.

4. Inspect the dishwasher for residue. Use a different detergent or wash the cells more frequently if the amount of dirt or residue appears excessive.

5. Let the cells air dry for at least two hours before returning to the air cleaner.

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