Honeywell W8650E1007
Honeywell RF Airwatch Door for 16" Models
No Longer Available.

  16" Door 20" Door Indicator

Door measures 17¼ x 6¼ x 2¾ ". Fits these units with a 16x20 or 16x25 filter. Includes the door with RF transmitter. Does not included the wall mounted indicator.

The door transmits air cleaner filter change status to the wall-mounted AirWatch Indicator. When the air cleaner filter begins restricting airflow because of accumulated dirt, the built-in pressure sensors in the door detect that airflow is impaired and that the filter requires cleaning. This condition causes the indicator light on the door to begin flashing and the transmitter to send a signal to the wall-mounted RF AirWatch Indicator that the filter needs replacing. 

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