Honeywell W8600E1008
Honeywell Remote Performance LED Indicator
No Longer Available

Three LED’s indicate ONWash, and CheckWashLED lights when a decrease is sensed in the ionizer current (as the cells get dirty the ionizer current drops). The Check LED indicates inadequate voltage from a possible cell short or excessive arcing. Color beige. Size 4 x 2 x 2".

Requires 4 conductor thermostat wire. Replaces W8600E1032 (white).

Note: The W8600E is not compatible with the new Honeywell air cleaners (our current models). The new models use the W8600F1014 (white). Units manufactured in 1998 or later have a Series 2 power supply and require the W8600F.

F50F - Determining Series One or Two

Series Two

w8600F Series two remote indicator

Series One

W8600E Series One remote indicator

Compatibility depends on Series 1 or 2. All F300A or F300E are compatible. All F50F F58F newer than 1998 are W8600F compatible.

F50F Series 1 was manufactured from 94 to 97. The Series One was W8600E compatible.

F50F Series 2 was manufactured from 98 to 06.

The Series two is W8600F comparable.

The Series 1 power box is identified by the 4 connector terminal strip on the left side of the box. The connector would be used for the optional W8600E.

The Series 2 power box has a knock-out for a terminal strip. The terminal strip would be included with the optional W8600F.

Power Box Series Two
Series two power box
Power Box Series One
Series one power box
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