Permatron VF-NWPE
Register Filter Non-Woven High Loft Polyester - White
2 or more$9.00
  Static Charge
Static Charge White Odor Removal Black Polyester

Package of 3 (VF-NWPE) cut-to-size sheets of non-woven high loft synthetic polyester filter media. These filters captures dust, pollen and other allergens. Additionally these filters are disposable.

Each sheet measures 16" x 12 x ¼".
Simple cut to fit under vent cover or air conditioner.
Color white.

Air circulating throughout the ventilation ducts contain countless contaminants including allergy triggers that you cannot see, but show up as black soot on the wall area surrounding the air intake vents.

PreVent® Register Filters

Permatron PreVent Register Filter
In homes with vent ducts built into the floors, high amounts of dirt fall into the ventilation system, especially in high foot traffic areas. A way to keep ducts clean is to install PreVent® electrostatic filtration media in the intake vents and return vents.

Simply cut-to-fit the media with scissors, and install the filter on top or underneath any vent register.

Mounting PreVent® Register Filters

When mounting the VF-WHB (white) or the VF-BHB (black) on the top of a register it may be necessary to affix the polypropylene mesh with a few drops of super glue or on supply vents, a bead clear silicon caulk.Permatron PreVent Register Filter

Permatron air filtration innovations since 1957Permatron filters are made in USA productsPermatroncentral AC filters are made in the USA. Permatron has been an air filtration manufacturer since 1957.

The PreVent® polypropylene fabric is manufactured by Permatron in Illinois. The filters are assembled, stitched and packaged at the Illinois plant.

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