Honeywell UV100A1059
Honeywell Ultra-Violet Irradiation for AC Coil 36 Watt
  18 Watt 36 Watt 36 Watt 72 Watt

Honeywell UV100A1059 single bulb 36 watt system. Designed for surface treatment and to be placed in the supply duct in the air conditioning evaporator coil compartment. The lamp stays on all the time to treat the condensation.

The UV100A1059 is a complete system (as shown in our photos) that includes the base unit with a 120v cord and plug. The 36 watt bulb and knob is included. Two sheet metal screws are included for mounting the unit in the duct.

The Honeywell UV100A1059 utilizes a 36 watt Philips Hot Cathode Germicidal Sterilamp™ Tube. Bulb life expectancy is 8000 hours.

Honeywell Ultraviolet Features

18 Watt
36 Watt
36 Watt
2 x 36 Watt
Air Sensor

Honeywell SmartLamp Technology

In 2002 Honeywell introduced SmartLamp technology. This is a new set of features that is built into some models. These models have an additional circuit board and may also have an air flow sensor. The UV100A1059 does not have the sensor.

SmartLamp units include an LED indicator to provide a reminder on when to change the bulb. The SmartLamp circuitry monitors the actual run time and the bulb replacement is based on this run time. The LED will flash after 90% usage and turn on constant after 100% usage. After replacing the bulb the reset button is used to restart the reminder cycle. The UV100E1059 does not have SmartLamp.

SmartLamp units also have the Honeywell Enviracom feature. Enviracom allows the UV to be controlled remotely or to send status information. Compatible Honeywell thermostats can turn on and off the UV. Additionally, status information such as when to change the bulb can be sent to the Honeywell Telephone Remote Access Module. This allows your Heating and Cooling company to automatically know when your UV needs service (a service contract would be required).

SmartLamp units without an air flow sensor will cycle on and off to extend bulb life (when not controlled by an Enviracom thermostat or other devices). They will run for three hours and then turn off for three hours.

SmartLamp units with the air flow sensor turn on the lamp when air flow is present and will turn off the lamp 40 minutes after air flow has stopped. Turning off the lamp extends bulb life as well as reduces energy usage.

With SmartLamp
The UV100E1043 has SmartLamp.
Without SmartLamp
The UV100a1059 doenst have a SmartLamp.
Smartlamp model have an LED, reset button,
and a three terminal Enviracom connector.

Honeywell Ultra Violet location of LED reset button and terminal Enviracom connector

Ultraviolet Radiation will Cause Eye Damage

Ultraviolet light or UV radiation is very damaging to your eyes. UV rays can damage both the eyes surface and the interior of your eyes such as the retina.

The Honeywell UV systems (UV100a1059) have a safety interlock switch that prevents running the unit without being installed in the ductwork. Also the dual lamp models require both knob/bulbs to be installed.

To view illumination a light pipe indicator is built-in to the knob. The indicator will have a violet glow when running.

Ultraviolet Radiation Warning

Honeywell UV100A Versus UV100E

Honeywell UV systems were first introduced in 2000. Honeywell then offered the UV100A and UV100E series. Then the only difference between the UV100A and UV100E was the color scheme. The UV100A models originally came with slate color tones. Whereas the UV100E had blue knobs and the base was white. See new and old photos below.

The UV100E models come with a five year warranty whereas the UV100A has a one year warranty. All Honeywell UV models sold by Bel-Aire are brand new and factory fresh with the latest warranty benefits. The warranty does not cover the bulb as they have an effective operating life of 8000 hours (approx one year if running full time). See the UV100E or UV100A Owners manual for complete warranty info.

The UV100E series was introduced under the Honeywell Enviracaire Elite brand. This new brand was designed to be more appealing to the residential customer. The Enviracaire Elite brand had a new bold look of blue and white. The UV100A series was under the traditional Tradeline brand with the gray color scheme shown below. With the success of the new look, the tradeline color scheme was phased out. All the new UV100A and UV100E systems now have the bold blue and white color scheme.

Now the difference between the UV100A and UV100E is SmartLamp. The UV100E has SmartLamp features that include cycling the lamp on and off to extend bulb life (see SmartLamp section below). The UV100A models do not have SmartLamp and simply run when plugged in.

New Style
UV100E1043 is the new style
Old Style
UV100a1059 is the old style

SnapLamp™ Detachable Bulb

In 2005 Honeywell introduced the SnapLamp feature. These newer units have a bulb that detaches from the knob, thus service only requires replacing the bulb. Earlier units had the knob and bulb affixed with epoxy and thus both the bulb and knob needed to be replaced as one assembly.

Customers that have the earlier knob-bulb assembly need to purchase the new detachable bulb assembly. Then future service only will require purchasing the bulb only.

Bulb-knob assemblies with the detachable bulb are labeled. The label will note the replacement part number UC18W1004 or UC36W1006. The new knob-bulb assembly may have the blue or slate color scheme.

UV100E1043 has SnapLamp

Honeywell Ultraviolet Warranty

Honeywell five year warraty replacement aprtsThe Honeywell warranty for our new UV100E2009, UV100E3007, UV100E1043, is five years and the UV100A1059 is one year. Our customers simply ship us the defective unit. We test and confirm defective. We then ship back a brand new unit. The bulbs are not covered. See the Owner's manual for details, page 12. 

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