Skuttle SEH-7100-000
Skuttle Compustat Humidistat with Temp Sensor
No Longer Available. Use Honeywell H6062A1000 as replacement.

  White-Rodgers Skuttle

No longer avalable. Use Honeywell H6062A1000 as replacement.

Skuttle SEH-7100-000 Compustat Automatic Humidistat with Temperature Sensor 24vac. While designed to operate automatically, it can also be installed for manual operation.


  • Automatic adjustment of your home's relative humidity (RH) based on the outdoor temperature and your preferred level of comfort.
  • Continuous protection of your home and furnishings against the damaging effects of dry or overly-humidified indoor air.
  • Strong defense against "sick house" conditions that cause or aggravate allergies, colds, flu and respiratory aliments.
  • Solid-state components for safer, more reliable operation.
  • Out-of-the-way installation. Mounts on the return air duct; eliminates unsightly wall-mounting and the chore of fishing wires through walls.
  • Worry-free operation. Just set it and forget it to maintain a constant, comfortable level of humidity throughout the heating season.
  • Safety-conscious design. Does not intrude into the air duct; exposed materials and components are UV resistant.
  • Optional manual installation to let you fine-tune indoor humidity at the turn of a dial.


  • outdoor temperature sensor
  • Sensor Sheild
  • Manual Mode Faceplate
  • Mounting template

Dimensions: 4 1/8" W X 2 3/4" H X 1 3/8" D

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