Clearcare Ultra™ ASTM Lever 3 Face Protection Masks
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RENSA Clearcare Ultra™ ASTM Lever 3 Face Masks provides daily maximum fluid resistance protection at ultimate comfort. Made with premium-quality and breathable materials, triple-layered and polypropylene ear straps for comfort, filtration and protection.

The PPE face masks are tested to ASTM standards by Nelson Labs, the only U.S.-based laboratory testing face mask to ASTM standards.

ASTM International standards are the world's leading technical standards for fluid resistance, filtration and requirements for comfort and breathability.

Available Quantities:

  • 1 box (50 masks)
  • 10 boxes of 50 (500 masks) in a small carton
  • 40 boxes of 50 (2,000 masks) in a larger carton
    • *Ask about our volume discounts*

Made with virgin fibers - never recycled
Fabricated with non-woven materials for a softer and more comfortable feel
Backed by Permatron and Rensa's over 100 years of experience
100% U.S. Made
Manufactured in Illinois from a 100% American supply chain

ASTM lvl 1

ASTM lvl 2
Clearcare Pro™

ASTM lvl 3
Clearcare Ultra™

Fluid Resistance (mmHG) 80 120 160
Bacterial Filtration BFE @ 3.0MM ≥95% ≥98% ≥98%
Particle Filtration Efficiency ≥95% ≥98% ≥98%
Delta P Differential Pressure, mm H20/cm2 < 4.0 < 5.0 < 5.0
Flame Spread Class 1 Class 1 Class 1

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