Honeywell PS1202B20
Honeywell Power Box for F50F Series One 16x20 20x20 replaces 208418F 208418G

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  12½ x 20 16 x 20 16 x 25 20 x 20 20 x 25

Assembled Honeywell PS1202B20 power box for F50F Series One 16x20 & 20x20 with all internal components. The powerbox includes the new power supply upgrade from early 2012 called PS1202A00. It also includes an air flow sensor, interlock switch, on-off switch, neon light, 60" power cord with 3-prong plug. The power box underside has the contacts for the two cells. Simple to install with two screws and then plug in.

The power box requires setting Ionizer current by jumper P5 for 1.29mA or 1.65mA. SeeSetting Ionizer Current below for more info. In addition, it's protected under Honeywell 2 year warranty on replacement parts.

This power box has an overall size of 19½ x 6½ x 3 inches and replaces part number 208418F, 208418G, 208418A, 203315A, 208418E, 208418J and 208418H.

Compatible with the W8600E LED remote indicator. See below for Series 1 or 2 info. Fits the F50F highlighted models:

12½ x 20 16 x 20 16 x 25 20 x 20 20 x 25
F300A2012 F300E1001 F300E1019 F300E1027 F300E1035
F300B2012 F300A1620 F300A1625 F300A2020 F300A2025
F50F1040 F50F1149 F50F1073 F50F1032 F50F1065

Setting Ionizer Current Jumper P5

The powerbox needs to be configured for the size of the air cleaner: 12½x20, 16x20, 16x25, 20x20, 20x25. A jumper on the power supply board needs to be set based on the overall size of your collector cells. This jumper (P5) sets the ionizer current. The J8 jumper drops the voltage from 8150v to 7500v for ozone reduction.

Size of Air Cleaner
12½ x 20
1.05 mA
16 x 20
1.29 mA
16 x 25
1.65 mA
20 x 20
1.65 mA
20 x 25
2.1 mA
Setting Ionizer Current Jumper J6

Series One or Series Two

Difference between F52F power supply series one and series twoAll F300A or F300E should use Series Two. All F50F F58F should use the Series Two power box unless you have the W8600E remote indicator.

The remote indicator is optional. It primarily provides the same function as the neon lamp. Ideal for installations where the unit is not seen or heard.

If you have the early W8600E indicator shown top-left, then you need the Series One power box. The Series One power box has additional circuitry for this indicator.

If you have the newest W8600F indicator, then use the Series Two power box. The Series One power box is also compatible with the W8600F when the W8600E circuitry is removed.

If you do not have either remote indicator, choose the Series Two power box. The Series One power box would be compatible but has unnecessary W8600E circuitry.

The W8600F was introduced in 1998 and was originally available in white or taupe, but the taupe was discontinued mid 2006. The W8600F is now only available in white.

Though the W8600E was replaced by the W8600F in 1998, the W8600E was available as a replacement part until 2004. We no longer have any W8600E left.

Power Box Series Two
Series two power box
Power Box Series One
Series one power box

Power Box Replacement

The power box is simply removed by removing two screws. The screws are behind the access door. See pdf below:

Power Supply Bench Test

Here is our procedure to test the power supply. Warning high voltage shock can cause death.

The power supply has the option to disable the air flow sensor. The AFS can be temporary disabled by shorting two pins marked "bypass AFS" found on J3 AFS connection leads. This power supply does not require the air flow sensor to operate. The photo below shows an older power supply that just needs 120v to power a cell.

Connect 120 vac to terminals P1 and P2. Check the following outputs with respect to chassis ground.

Terminal P3 will output 8.2k vdc
Terminal P4 will be 4.2k vdc

Since high voltage meters are not common, Honeywell provides the neon lamp as reliable voltage indicator. If the high voltage output falls below spec the neon lamp voltage will drop out.

Shorting P3 or P4 to ground has the same effect as the test button. The short will temporarily cause the neon indicator to go out. By tapping P4 to ground you should be able to draw an arc 1/32". Tapping P3 to ground can produce a larger arc near 3/16". These tests are with out the cells connected, the arc will be twice the length with cells connected.

Honeywell Power supply bench test procedure

F300 Quick Parts Swap

F50F to F300A quick parts swap interchangableIf you need to replace your F50F power box and would like a spare pair of cells. For the best value consider buying a new F300E.

All the Parts from a new F300E are fully interchangable with any prior F50F of the same size. You can swap over the power box, cells, prefilters, and door to your F50F frame. The power box mounts with two screws. The powerbox comes with 120v cord.

12½ x 20

16 x 20

16 x 25

20 x 20

20 x 25


Warranty on Replacement Parts

Honeywell Two Year Warranty for Replacement PartsThe Honeywell warranty for F50 F300 Replacement Parts is 2 years. Our customers simply need to ship us the defective part. We test and confirm defective. We then ship back a brand new part at no charge.

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