Colder Products PLCD14004
Colder Quick Disconnect Female Coupling 1/4" JG
  1/4" Tubbing 1/4" NPT 3/8" NPT

Colder Products PLCD14004 quick disconnect coupling. Ideal for disconnecting a water filter or humidifier running hot or cold water.

This coupling connects with all the Colder Products male couplings that we offer. This coupling has a John Guest SpeedFit® fitting for 1/4" tubing. SpeedFit® fittings are push-in connections for plastic or copper tubing (see below).

All our couplings have an internal valve that automatically shuts off the water when disconnected. It is not necessary to shutoff the water supply when disconnecting these couplings. When disconnecting a water filter or humidifier, the water will not leak out of either end of the connection.

John Guest SpeedFit® Tubing Connection

Cut the tubing square ensuring it is free of score marks.
Intructions for cutting speedfit tubing connector
NOTE: DO NOT use a hacksaw.
Intructions for cutting speedfit tubing connector
NOTE: To avoid damage to the O-Ring, make sure burrs and sharp edges are removed from the end of the tubing.
Intructions for cutting speedfit tubing connector
With the fitting clean and the tubing cut square, insert the tubing in to the SpeedFit connector.
Speedfit Connector
The tubing can be removed by pushing in the collet. Removing and inserting the tubing many times will cause a connection failure. It will leave a burr on the tubing damaging the O-Ring and will wear down the stainless steel teeth.

The brand SpeedFit and John Guest are the registered trade-marks of John Guest International Limited. Colder Products purchases the SpeedFit components and technology.

Quick Disconnect Ordering Info

Our Colder Products couplings require purchasing both a female coupling body, and a male coupling insert.

These components are sold individually. All the male coupling inserts connect with any of the female coupling bodies. The combinations are:

Male Coupling Insert Female Coupling Body
PLCD29004 1/4" Tubing PLCD14004 1/4" Tubing
PLCD24004 1/4" NPT PLCD14004 1/4" Tubing
PLCD24006 3/8" NPT PLCD14004 1/4" Tubing
PLCD29004 1/4" Tubing PLCD10004 1/4" NPT
PLCD24004 1/4" NPT PLCD10004 1/4" NPT
PLCD24006 3/8" NPT PLCD10004 1/4" NPT
PLCD29004 1/4" Tubing PLCD10006 3/8" NPT
PLCD24004 1/4" NPT PLCD10006 3/8" NPT
PLCD24006 3/8" NPT PLCD10006 3/8" NPT
Colder Products PLC Series Ordering Info
Male Coupling Insert
Female Coupling Body

Colder Products Specifications

PLC Series Specifications
Pressure Rating: Vacuum to 120 psi
Temperature: -40°F to 180°F continuous

Main components
and valves:
Acetal, resistant to common water supply chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, etc.
Thumb latch: Stainless steel
Valve spring: 316 stainless steel
External springs 
and pin:
Stainless steel
O-rings: Buna-N
Color: Natural white
Threaded End: 1/4" NPT

JG® Specifications (SpeedFit Push-in Tubing Fitting)
Tube tolerances: 1/4" OD, +0.001/-0.004
Tube Type 
(Plastic tube):
Polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane
Tube Type
(Metal tube):
Brass, Copper and mild steel

Colder Products Company manufactures many products specifically for the Food & Beverage marketplace. All of these products are listed under NSF/ANSI standard 169 and are made from FDA approved materials.

Visit to learn more. Applications may include: water filtration, humidifiers, office coffee service, food service equipment, etc.

Colder Products Made in the USA
Cold products company made in usa
Colder Products Company is the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings and connectors for plastic tubing. Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1978.

All Colder products are designed and manufactured at their facility located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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