Permatron 203372
Permatron Prefilter Pair for F50A F50E Stainless Frame 12½ x 19¾
  12½ 16 12½ x 20

Pair of Permatron 203372 hospital grade prefilters for the F50A or F50E. Permatron, the premiere prefilter manufacturer, designed these prefilters to Honeywell specs. The metal mesh consists of 5 layers of slit and expanded aluminum of differing densities. The frame is upgraded to stainless steel.

Size 12½ x 19¾ x 5/16. A pair of these prefilters are used in the Honeywell 20 x 25" air cleaners. This is an F50A or F50E prefilter and NOT for the F50F Series.

These prefilters fit models:
√ F50E1000     √ F50E1166     √ F50A1009
√ F50E1026     √ F50E1273     √ F50A1025
√ F50E1141    √ F50E1299

F300 Parts F50F Parts F50E Parts F50A Parts
permatron prefilter detailPermatron's Super Premium prefilters have a stainless steel frame. Its a heavy weight USA made aluminum mesh.
honeywell prefilter detailThe Honeywell aluminum frames are weaken by corrosion from electrolysis and ozone. Humidifier moisture can contain corrosives chlorine and salt.
Aluminum frame mesh pulled outThe mesh can easily pull out of the aluminum frame. The stainless frame holds the mesh like a spring clamp.

Prefilter Efficiency Improvement

Aprilaire 412 Super Filter Coat increases efficiency and dust holding capacity of prefilters used in electronic air cleaners.

The Super Coat adhesive have a unique viscosity oil in a gel-like straucture. This viscosity oil constantly absorbs dirt particles. As particles are trapped, they recede into the interior of the adhesive, and throught the circulation of the low viscosity oil a renewed impurity absorbing surface is established. This action provides a continuous impurity absorbing surface layer.

The aluminum mesh prefilters will maintain their initial efficiency with periodic applications of RP Super Filter Coat after cleaning. After a period of use of the prefilter, dirt, lint and the original water soluble adhesive coating are easily removed by simply flushing the filter in a stream of water. A new, easily-applied coating of RP Super Filter Coat can restores the filter's superior performance qualities.

F50E F50A vs F50F F300 Difference

Honeywell F50A F50E SeriesChoosing a prefilter depends on the model and size. The F50F and F300 use the same prefilters and are available in 4 sizes. The F50A and F50E use a slightly shorter prefilter and are available in 3 sizes.

To determine your model, the photos show the difference is in the power box. The newer F50F-F300 have a full length power box because the contacts for the cells are built in to the power box.

The top-left photo shows the F50A and F50E. The F50A and F50E are identical except the F50E had been enhanced with an air flow sensor built in to the power box.

The lower-left photo shows the F300 and F50F model. Note the F50F and F300 are identical except for paint color.

Honeywell F50F F300 SeriesHoneywell F300E SeriesThe F300E was manufactured with a plastic access door from 2000 through 2005. This door and alll parts are interchangeable with all F50F and F300. The plastic door was the same as used in the F200E without RF (airwatch indicator).

Honeywell Prefilter Sizes
10 x 16
F50F F300

12½ x 20
F50F F300
F50A F50E

Prefilter Washing

When cleaning the prefilter be careful not to flatten down the woven foil. The aluminum weave can be easily flattened with water pressure or when cleaning with a brush. Soaking the prefilters in a tub is recommended.

See your owner's manual for washing instructions.

MFG Industrial Grade Wash Tub

Permatron air filtration innovations since 1957Permatron filters are made in USA productsPermatron filters are made in Illinois. The foam, activated carbon, poly-propylene, aluminum mesh and steel frame are all products of the USA.

The genuine Honeywell prefilters are stamped with Product of Mexico.

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