NuCalgon NP3BR
Mounting Bracket for Three NuCalgon NP24 Housings
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Clean fresh water makes clean fresh air

Bracket for THREE NP24DD housing heads. Used to connect (3) NP Series Housings, installed in series, to meet more than one specific water-related condition.

For example, a given water supply may be very scale-forming, have sediment and have a taste or odor condition. This application would require the installation of three NP Housings:

  1. Sediment cartridge
  2. Carbon block cartridge
  3. 6R Micromet cartridge

These custom installations can be accomplished through the use of one of the NP Series multi-housing brackets. The NP2BR accommodates two housings and the NP3BR accommodates three housings.

This bracket kit includes screws to attach THREE

NP24DD housing heads to the bracket and to secure the bracket to a permanent surface. Note: the MPT to MPT nipples for connecting between the housings heads are not included; these are easily obtained from a local home center.

IMPORTANT: When using these brackets to incorporate multiple housings, remember that sediment pre-filter cartridges should always precede carbon and phosphate cartridges, and carbon should always precede phosphate cartridges.

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