White-Rodgers HSP2600
White-Rogers 240v Steam Humidifier w/Flushing 17 gpd
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  13 GPD 120v 17 GPD 240v

The White-Rodgers HSP2600, 240v 2000 watt. Includes the stainless steel humidifier assembly, automatic flushing timer, manual humidistat, water filter, saddle valve, fan control relay, blower safety switch, and mounting frame. Our photos show the items included.

Steam humidifiers provide the most precise humidity control. The steam humidifiers do not require hot air as with the evaporative models that wait for the furnace to run. When the humidistat detects the need for humidity, the steam humidifier is turned on. The steam humidifier has a thermal bimetallic switch that is wired to turn on the furnace blower. When the humidifier is at a steam producing temperature the bimetallic switch closes and turns on the blower.

The 240v plug is a NEMA 6-15P.

Analysis of your water quality and treatment is a necessity to prevent premature corrosion of the heating element.

White-Rogers HSP2000 Versus Skuttle F60-2

Skuttle manufactures the HSP2600 for White-Rodgers and applies their logo. The White-Rodgers logo is on the stainless steel body, flushing timer, and humidistat. The White-Rodgers HSP2600 is the same as the Skuttle F60-2.

The Skuttle has a one year warranty and White-Rodgers has a two year warranty.

Water Quality

Steam humidifier Corrosion problem
Steam humidifier corrosion problem
Reverse Osmosis filters makes water acrid. Plastic tubing is needed for RO water. It eats copper.

Corrosion has been major problem with steam humidifiers. The manufacturers blame chlorine and include a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter needs to be replaced once a year to be effective in removing chlorine. Never the less we hear from customers with heating elements showing premature corrosion. On the top left photo is a Honeywell HE440 that was in service for a week.

The Skuttle and White-Rodgers steam humidifiers have been in service for decades. A few years ago they upgraded the heating element. The element is now larger and surounds the float. The float was plastic but now it is stainless steel. We stock only the new models. Premature corrosion is NOT covered under warranty.

Filters such as reverse osmosis can leave water acrid as shown on the buttom left photo. Acrid water can be balance by calcium treatment, a filter that slowly dissolves calcium in to the water. For steam humidifiers we recommend an expert experienced with your local water to help determine a series of filters and treatment that will balance your water.


Humidifier Reservoir Treatment

Corrosion has been major problem with steam humidifiers which are related to water supply chlorine and minerals.

The NuCalgon 4296-60 primarily used for keep condensate pan drain lines clear can also be used to treat humidifier. Pan-Treat tablets can be used to condition humidifier water in order to prevent odors and deposit build-up.

Pan-Treat is formulated with ingredients proven effective in cleaning and preventing these deposits, and its use will eliminate the extra maintenance costs associated with odors, mineral build up, plugged drains and overflows.

Easy to use and safe, water soluble, non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable. Use 2-4 tablets every four to six weeks as needed. Clean and rinse out the humidifier's reservoir on a regular basis.

White-Rodgers Warranty

White-Rodgers two year warrantyThe White-Rodgers warranty for our new steam humidifiers is two year. Our customers simply ship us the defective part. We inspect and test and confirm defective. We then ship back a brand new part.

The failure of steam humidifiers is due to water quality. Hard acrid water or water containing salt will corrode the heating element sometimes with in months. Mineral deposits having the appearance of barnacles will build up on the heating element. Water analysis to determine treatment is a necessity.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

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