Honeywell HM700A1000
11/22 GPD Humidifier with HumidiPRO™ H6062 Digital Humidity Control
***Obsolete*** Replaced by model HM750A1000

Honeywell HM700A1000 Electrode Steam Humidifier with a HumidiPRO™ digital humidity control. Works seamlessly with Honeywell thermostats including the Lyric™, Prestige® IAQ and VisionPRO® 8000, so you’ll have maximum flexibility to integrate it into the system you’re installing. The Electrode Humidifier can be remote mounted up to five feet from the system and can provide 11 or 22 gallons per day (GPD). It requires only a potable water supply, water drainage and 110 or 220 power.

  • Auto-adaptive technology adjusts for changes in the weather, water and voltage.
  • Automatically protects against window condensation and frost.
  • Humidity Boost can be used to increase relative humidity by 5 or 10%.
  • Easy to use with any of the control options.
  • When used with Prestige IAQ and VisionPRO 8000 thermostats, the humidifier communicates with the wireless outdoor sensor to make automatic humidity adjustments.


Dimensions (in.) 11-7/16 in. W x 21-7/16 in. H x 6-15/16 in. D
Dimensions (mm) 289 mm W x 544 mm H x 174 mm D
Temperature Range (F) 40 F to 105 F
Temperature Range (C) 4 C to 40 C
Includes HumidiPRO™ H6062 Digital Humidity Control, HM700ACLY2 Distribution Kit
Mounting Mount on sturdy wall (Concrete, Drywall, or Wood)
Voltage 120 Vac or 240 Vac; 1.4 or 2.8 kW, 12 Amps, 1 Phase
Type Electrode Steam Humidifier
Color Light Gray
Capacity (gal. per day) 11 or 22 gal per day
Capacity (liter per day) 42 or 83 L per day

How Electrode Steam Humidifier Works

Electrode steam humidifier operates by energizing two electrode extended into a canister of water. The current flowing between the electrodes and resistance of the water to the electric current heats the water.

Minerals that are naturally found in water cause the water to be electrically conductive. Water conductivity is measured in micro Siemens per centimeter (uS/cm). Generally the higher mineral content the higher the conductivity.

That being said water that is considered “hard”, potable or softened water have a higher conductivity and works well for the humidifier. Low hardness water or less conductive water will take longer to reach capacity. A tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda or salt can be added into the filling cup on start-up to speed up steam production. Demineralized or reversed osmosis water should not be used with electrode steam humidifier.

As water boils into steam minerals are left behind. The remaining mineral will increase the conductivity of the water but also cause deposit onto the submerged portions of the electrodes, rendering those areas ineffective. As this occurs, the water level will rise to expose uncoated eletrode surface. The internal controller senses water level and measures the current flowing between the electrodes to determine when the canister needs replacement.

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