Honeywell HM609A1000
STEAM Humidifier 9-gallon with HumidiPRO Digital Humidity Control & RO Water Filter
Discontinued. Replaced by model HM750A1000.


Honeywell HM609A100 steam humidifier 9-gallon with HumidiPRO digital humidity control and Reverse Osmosis water filtration system. The steam provides the highest and most consistent levels of humidity up to 2500 square feet area.

Replaces previous HM506 and HM509 models.


  • Application flexibility - Mount directly to the duct or remotely up to 20 feet away into tight-fitting or unconditioned air spaces.
  • Installs in minutes - Limited duct cutting and bracket-mount design takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • Easy maintenance - Self-regulates cleaning cycles throughout the year. Annual maintenance requires no tools to access and clean, saving time and money on annual contractor service calls.
  • 5-year warranty


Dimensions (in) 19 in. high x 11 1/4 in. wide x 9 in. deep
Dimensions (mm) 482.6 mm H x 285.75 mm L x 228.6 mm D
Temperature Range (F) 34 F to 104 F
Temperature Range (C) 1.1 C to 40 C
Includes Humidifier, Outdoor Temperature Sensor, duct template hardware, saddle valve, drain supply water tubing, duct nozzle, mounting bracket, backflow valve, RO Water Filter Kit, and HumidiPRO Digital Humidity Control.
Comments Bundled with 50045947-001 reverse osmosis filtration kit
Mounting Duct or Remote Mount (up to 20 feet/6 meters)
Voltage 120 Vac
Type Steam Humidifier
Color Black
Capacity (gal. per day) 9 gal per day
Capacity (liter per day) 34 L per day
Plenum Opening (in.) Diameter--1 3/4 in.
Plenum Opening (mm) Diameter--44.45 mm

Steam Humidifier Parts

The following diagram displays parts specific for the TrueSteam series HM506, HM509, HM512 and HM612. Visiting each part landing page will provide detailed part information, pricing and availability.

Cover for TrueSteam 50028004-001
Duct Injection Nozzle for Humidifier 50028003-001
Latch foir TrueSteam 50024921-001
Remote Humidifier Nozzle 50028001-001
Water Level Sensor Assembly 50027998-001
Remote Duct Nozzle 50028002-001
Wire Channel Harness 50022641-001
Mounting Bracket 50020012-001
50020017-001 Water Tank
Remote hose and nozzle kit 50024917-001 Solenoid Valve for TrueSteam 50027997-001
Saddle Valve Self Piercing 32001616-001
50024895-001 Sediment Screen for Tank In-Line filter 50028044-001

Water Quality


Steam humidifier Corrosion problem
steam humidifier corrosion problem
Reverse Osmosis filters makes water acrid. Plastic tubing is needed for RO water. It eats copper.
Corrosion has been major problem with steam humidifiers. The manufacturers blame chlorine and include a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter needs to be replaced once a year to be effective in removing chlorine. Never the less we hear from customers with heating elements showing premature corrosion. On the top left photo is a Honeywell HE440 that was in service for a week.

The Skuttle and White-Rodgers steam humidifiers have been in service for decades. A few years ago they upgraded the heating element. The element is now larger and surounds the float. The float was plastic but now it is stainless steel. We stock only the new models. Premature corrosion is NOT covered under warranty.

Filters such as reverse osmosis can leave water acrid as shown on the buttom left photo. Acrid water can be balance by calcium treatment, a filter that slowly dissolves calcium in to the water. For steam humidifiers we recommend a expert experienced with your local water to help determine a series of filters and treatment that will balance your water.

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