Honeywell HC22A1007
Water Panel for HE100 HE150 HE220 HE225
3 to 5$12.32
6 or more$9.94
  9½ x10
9½ x10
10 x 13
10 x 13

Honeywell HC22A1007 used in the humidifiers HE220A1001 and HE220B1009. These panels can also be used in the HE225A1006 and HE225B1004 but does not have the antimicrobial protection.

We measured the size: 10-1/8 x 9-5/8 x 1½", but the sizes may vary an 1/8".

Replace the HC22A1007 once a year. Hard water conditions may require changing twice a year. The coating will start to crumble off when in need of replacement. We have noticed with hard water that calcium deposits can build up and fall off, then end up in the furnace filter. A high quality water filter suitable for use in food service equipment is recommended.

The water panels are made of aluminum and when time to discard can be recycled. When used the coating will be loose and can be rinsed off.

Aprilaire In-Line Strainer & Orifice

Aprilaire Flow-Thru humidifiers have a solenoid with a small strainer filter in the body. These strainers should be inspected and cleaned when replacing the water panel. If the strainer becomes clogged the water pressure will tear it and pieces will jam the solenoid or loose pieces will block the orifice.

Aprilaire 24 Volt Solenoid
Aprilaire 4004 InLine Strainer Aprilaire 4231 Yellow Orifice

Genuine Honeywell Water Panels

HC26E1004The Honeywell HC22A1007 water panel is made of layers of an aluminum mesh with a porous pumice-like coating. The coating allows the water panel to absorb water, but without it the water would bead up on the aluminum and the evaporation would not be as effective. The water panel is made to last one season. The coating will start to crumble and fall off when in need of replacement.

Our genuine Honeywell water panels are brand new and factory fresh. The water panels may at first appear used, but they are all brand new. We sometimes hear from a customer that at first glance believes the panels are used.

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