Permatron HailStop20
HailStop Hail Guard PVC Netting 54"x20 Foot Length w/ 24 Mount Clips & Screws
  54" x 10' Netting 54" x 20' Netting 54" x 50' Roll

Permatron HailStop20 Hail Guard PVC Netting 54"x20 Foot Length. An easier to handle kit for jobs up to 20 Tons equipment, and includes a package of 24 mount clips with self tapping screws.

Permatron HailStop Hail Guard is a rigid polypropylene netting with 3/8" diamond shaped openings that protects your investment in HVAC equipment from Hailstorm and debris. Flattened equipment fins impairs operation with reduced air flow, strained motors and compressors and raised power consumptions. Designed to deflect airborne objects and protect delicate fins, Permatron’s HailStop is easy to mount across the any type of equipment air intake fins.

In addition, it can be layered behind PreVent® Model U Equipment Protection filter for protection of airborne debris from dust particles to large hailstones. Some of the added benefits of the hail guard netting include:

  • UV Protected
  • Rot Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant
  • Lightweight and easily cleaned

BUILDINGS magazine selected HailStop® Hail Guard Netting as an HVAC Fix – 2015 Money-Saving Product winner. HailStop Hail Guard Netting is part of an elite group of products showcased in the magazine’s June 2015 issue.

Measuring & Installing HailStop Hail Guard Netting

Condenser with hailstop hail guardHailStop hail guard netting is made of a rigid black polypropylene with diamond shaped openings. The netting is lightweight and can easily be cut-to-fit using scissors or utility knife. HailStop hail guard netting is extremely easy to install using Permatron’s plastic mounting clips and #6-3/4" hardened steel self tapping screws. The plastic holding clips have a moveable/locking tab that opens & closes for secure installation & easy removal and cleaning. 

Permatron air filtration innovations since 1957Permatron filters are made in USA productsPermatron HailStop Hail Guard are made in the USA. Permatron has been an air filtration manufacturer since 1957.

The HailStop® polypropylene netting is manufactured by Permatron in Illinois. The hail guard kits are assembled and packaged at the Illinois plant.

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