12 Pack of Dry Type Disposable Polyester Fan Shroud Air Filter
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fanshroud front view Permatron 12 pack of disposable Dry type nonwoven polyester fan shroud air filter for mobile and pedestal air circulator fan. The filter opens and closes with hook closure, finished with an outer elastic edge and a center cut-out for easy installation. Fits snug around motor encasement.

  • Dry type non-woven polyester
  • Filter Thickness: .25"
  • Initial Air Flow Resistance: .06 in" w.g.

Processing and manufacturing plants typically relies on circulating fans for air cooling. These motors and fans can become covered in airborne contaminants from facility environment. The fan shroud air filter eliminates particle build-up and blow-off back into the facility and onto finished products.

PreVent® Equipment Protection bonnet filters or fan shrouds would enable a facility to pass the AIB Safety Audit & Inspection of food processing plants. Bonnet fan guards, fan shrouds, vent caps, ceiling diffuser and inlet/outlet sock style filters are also available in washable electrostatic polypropylene. Contact us for a quote on washable bonnet and fan shroud.

Fan Shroud Filter Sizes

Blade Diameter Cage Measurement
18" Up to 26"
24" 27" to 31"
26" 32" to 34"
30" 34" to 37"
32" 37" to 39"
36" 39" to 43"
42" 44" to 50"
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