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Ionizing Wire for White-Rodgers SC500 9.125 inch
10 or more$5.40
  16" Cells 11" Cells

White-Rodgers electronic air cleaner cell ionizing wire. For 11 inch tall cells. The length measures 9-1/8 inch center to center of eyelet hole. Eyelet hole is 1/8" dia. Wire diameter measures 0.010".

Ionizing wires are made of tungsten wire with stainless steel eyelets. The wire and eyelets are non-magnetic.

Sold individually. Our price is for 1 genuine White-Rodgers wire. The SC500 cells have 11 wires.

Used in the Self Contained SC500.

Collector Cell Washing

We recommend soaking the collector cells. Soaking cleans better than the dishwasher and cleans better than a pressure washer. The cells typically do not need to be cleaned as often as the prefilters.

After cleaning, inspect the cell plates for dirt, hold the cell up to light. View the plates through the ionizing section to see the dirtiest side. Note that only every other plate captures dirt.

The plates are either charged or grounded. The charged particles are attracted to the grounded plates and repelled by the charged plates. Closely check the grounded plates, where as the charged plates will clean easily.

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