White-Rodgers F825-0404
Carbon Filter for White-Rodgers SC500 10¾ x 16
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  Collector Cell Prefilter Carbon Filter

White-Rodgers activated carbon impregnated foam filter. The carbon absorbs odors and fumes, replace once or twice a a year. The filter measures 16 x 10¾ inch.

One filter is used in the SC500, 5C11E-410. See cross reference below.

This carbon postfilter will show premature dust if there are problems with your air cleaner. Or provide proof that the air leaving the cells is dust free. The filter can also reveal if your cells need more frequent cleaning.

White-Rodgers Electro-Air Cross Reference

White-Rodgers equipment is identified by a model number. Replacement parts can be ordered based on the model number. Current model numbers are in the format SST1400-151, previous SST model numbers were 14c26s-010. See the Model Number Cross Ref for more examples. With the previous model numbers only the digits before the dash (14c26s) are needed for part lookup.

White-Rodgers parts are identified by a part number or manufacturing code. Often the manufacturing code changes but the part number remains the same. Such would be the case if White-Rodgers made improvements to the part, but the part remained fully interchangeable with the previous version.

White-Rodgers part numbers start with the letter F, such as F811-0398. The manufacturing code starts EAC A, example EAC A811-0395. Sometimes theEAC is omitted and the code starts with just the A. The manufacturing code is often stamped in black ink. If using a manufacturing code. lookup the part number in the A to F Cross Ref, then search our site for the part number.

white-rodgers ss series model number locationModel Number

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EAC A811-0393 is a manufacturing code NOT a part number see A to F cross reference

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