Honeywell F52F1048 12½ x 20 Parts

The following diagram displays parts specifically for the Honeywell model F52F1048 & F52F1006. Visiting each part landing page will provide detailed part information, pricing and availability.

Plastic Cell Handle for Honeywell FC37 Series Cell
High Voltage Contact Board for Honeywell F52 F57A
Honeywell Amber Neon Lamp for F52F
Honeywell Air Flow Switch for F300 F52F F50F Series 2
Honeywell Commercial High Voltage Wire Red & Black
Honeywell Remote Indicator for F300 or F50 white
Honeywell Ionizer Wire for 20 inch Cells
Honeywell Collector Cell for F52 Series 12'1/2 x 20
Honeywell FC37 Series Collector Cell Contact Board
On-Off Switch with Neon Light F50A F50E F52C F52D F52E
Honeywell Power Supply Board for F50A F50E Single Cell
Permatron Prefilter for Honeywell F52C

Location of F52 Model Number

Location of the Honeywell F52 Model Number Order parts based on your model number. The F52 model number is located behind the grille on the power enclosure.

The F52A-B was introduced in 1972.
The F52C-D came out in 1977.
The F52E was released 1988.
The F52F in production since 1994.

These different models have different prefilter sizes and use different power supply kits. They all use the same cell.

The F52 power supplies are configured based on the features offered by the model. Such as an air flow sensor or remote indicator. Some power supplies include a wiring kit.

F52F Series Parts Number List

Description F52F One Cell
12½ x 20
F52F Two Cell
20 x 25
Electronic Cell FC37A1171 FC37A1171
Cell Handle 137266 137266
Prefilter 208536 208537
Neon Assembly 4074ETE 4074ETE
Power Supply
Series 1 or 2
Airflow Switch 4074EZB 4074EZB
On-Off Switch 203321 203321
Contact Board Powers Cell 190912A 190912A
Cell Repair Kit 4074EHG 4074EHG
Ionizer Wire 136434AA 136434AA
Remote Indicator W8600E W8600E
Hi-Voltage Wire
Red & Black

F52F - Determining Serie One or Two

Series Two

w8600f series two remote performance indicator

Choosing a replacement power supply is dependent on the series. If you do NOT have the optional wall mounted Remote Performance Indicator (W8600), the series does not matter.

F52F Series 1 was manufactured from 94 to 97. The Series 1 chassis has a 4 connector terminal strip that would be used for the optional W8600E.

The Series 2 was manufactured 98 thru 06. The Series 2 chassis has only a blank terminal strip. The terminal strip would be included with the optional W8600F.

If you are replacing an F52F power supply that does not have a W8600 and not sure of the series, we recommend choosing the series one power supply. The series one will include a W8600E terminal strip and daughter card that will not be needed if you have a series two.

Series One

w8600f series one remote  performance indicator
Honeywell F52F Series one and Two terminal strip for w8600

Simple Power Supply Test Procedure

Troubleshooting Problem:

  • The neon indicator light is not coming on
  • The cells never spark
  • Power box switch is ON
  • Door is tight in place
  • Blower is ON
  1. Check for Shorted Cells
    A shorted cell can prevent the indicator light from coming on. Remove both cells, with door back in place operate without cells. If the unit now appears OK with indicator light ON, then the cells have a problem.
    1. Operate without cells
    2. Check cells for broken wires
    3. Check cells for bent plates
    4. Check with one cell at a time (align cell with contacts)

  2. Check the Power Supply
    If the power box is getting 120v and the Neon indicator still does not light without the cells, then the problem is in the power box compartment.
    1. Check the on/off switch, interlock door switch and wiring.
    2. Bypass the Air Flow Switch (AFS), The AFS is a sensor that signals the power supply when air flow is present. Disabling the AFS will simulate the ON state. Using a jumper wire, ground AFS resistor to the chassis, see AFS Tech Note.
      • Replace Air Flow Switch, if the Neon indicator lights and unit appears to work with the AFS disabled.
      • Replace Power Supply, if the Neon indicator does not light with the AFS disabled and no cells to short the output.
      • A neon lamp burn out is not likely if the F52 never makes a spark. The neon lamp voltage should measure 100 vdc.

Evolution of the F52 Power Supply

The F52A-B was introduced in 1972 and has evolved in to the current F52F. The same collector cells that were used in the F52A are still used in the F52F. Thus variations of the current F52F power supply are used as the replacements for the prior F52 models.

In 1972 the F52A had an analog power supply as shown bottom-left. In 1977 the F52C F52D was released with slight changes to the cabinet.

In 1988 the F52E was released and came with a new electronic power supply that supported an optional remote indicator. The F52E would provide a terminal strip for connecting the W8600E remote indicator.

The remote indicator has 3 LEDs for ON, Fault, or Wash. The ON LED indicates the F52E is running and should only light when the blower is running. The fault LED indicates a short. The wash LED would light on excessive ionzier current.

In 1994 the F52F was introduced with an all new chassis. The F52F has new electronics. In 1998 the F52F Series 2 was released with a new optional LCD remote indicator that replaced the prior LED indicator. Also the internal power box wiring was improved with molex plug connectors. The connectors simplified manufacturing and power box repairs.

In 2012 Honeywell radically redesigned the power supply. They are very flexible and universal for multiple applications. Also, they have better power surge protection along with ground loop frequency insolator.The new power supply design have the series one LED + AFS connection as well as the series two connections.Evolution of the Honeywell F50 and F300 power supply

Warranty on Replacement Parts

Honeywell Two Yeah Limited WarrantyThe Honeywell warranty for F52 replacement parts is 2 years. Our customers simply need to ship us the defective part. We test and confirm defective. We then ship back a brand new part at no charge.

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4074EMN Honeywell High Voltage Wire
Honeywell Commercial High Voltage Wire Red
Price: $2.00
4074EMP Honeywell High Voltage Wire
Honeywell Commercial High Voltage Wire Black
Price: $2.00
137266 Honeywell Collector Cell Handle
Plastic Cell Handle for Honeywell FC37 Series Cell
Price: $8.00
136434AA Honeywell Ionizing Wire
Honeywell Ionizer Wire for 20" FC37 Series Cells
Price: $11.60
203321 Honeywell On-Off Switch
Honeywell On-Off Power Switch for F50F F52F F300
Price: $12.00
4074EHG Terminal Board for FC37A Cell
Honeywell FC37 Series Collector Cell Contact Board
Price: $14.00
Honeywell 207631 Replacement nylon door latch kit for F52 series (Qty 2)
Replacement Nylon Door Latch kit for F52 Series (Qty 2)
Price: $18.00
4074ETE Honeywell Neon Lamp for F52F
Honeywell Amber Neon Lamp for F52F
Price: $24.50
Honeywell 208543 Interlock switch for F52
Interlock switch for F52 return grille air cleaners
Price: $26.00
190912A Honeywell Contact Board F52 F57
High Voltage Contact Board for Honeywell F52 F57A
Price: $32.00
W8600F1006 Honeywell Remote Indicator
Honeywell Remote Indicator for F300 or F50F Taupe
Price: $36.00
208536 Permatron Upgrade
Permatron Prefilter Polyproplene F52F 21-3/4 x 12-5/8
Price: $42.00
208536 Honeywell PreFilter for F52F1048
Permatron Prefilter for Single Cell F52F 21-3/4 x 12-5/8
Price: $42.00
W8600F1014 Honeywell Remote Indicator
Honeywell Remote Indicator for F300 or F50F White
Price: $44.00
4074EZB Honeywell Air Flow Sensor
Honeywell Airflow Switch for F300 F52F F50F Series 2
Price: $58.00
208416AB Honeywell Power Supply for F52F1048
Honeywell Power Supply for F52F Series Two 12½x20
Price: $125.00
208427J Honeywell Power Supply
Honeywell Power Supply F52F Series One 12½x20
Price: $125.00
FC37A1171 Honeywell Collector Cell
Honeywell Collector Cell for F52 Series 12½ x 20
Price: $221.00
F52F1048 Honeywell Return Grille
Honeywell Return Grille Electronic Air Cleaner 12½x20
Price: $630.00
W8600A1007 Honeywell Remote Indicator
Honeywell AirWatch Indicator for F50F F52F F300
Price: $41.00
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