Honeywell F52F1048
Honeywell Return Grille 1000 cfm Air Cleaner 12½ x 20
No Longer Available

  12½ x 20 20 x 25

The Honeywell F52F1048 is a complete system that includes the chassis with the power box, grille door, one electronic cell, one pre-filter. Ready to install in the duct and connect the 120v to run.

The Honeywell F52F maintains peak air cleaner efficiency over a wide range of cell dirt loading conditions through the use of a self regulating dual voltage high frequency power supply. The dual voltage increases particle charging efficiency with a high 8150v ionizing wire voltage and increases collection surface area through a reduced 4280v plate voltage. The dual voltage is a feature exclusive to Honeywell.

Also exclusive to the F52F is a very sensitive differential pressure sensor making the Honeywell compatible with slow variable speed air handlers. Galvanized cabinet recesses into duct opening on wall or ceiling. On wall installation, mount with hinge on bottom or either side. The unit have a two year warranty. Read below for more info on warranty.

Air Cleaner Sizing and Selection

Honeywell Air Cleaner Sizing ans SelectionThe best size air cleaner is the largest that will fit. The larger the air cleaner, the greater capacity for particulate. This reduces the need to clean as often. The larger air cleaner will also have a slower air velocity that will increase the cleaning performance.

Fitting the air cleaner to the current duct work can be a primary consideration. Not recommended is using the small F52F for a large house. The F52F are sized large and small. The small F52F maybe used in pairs for large house.

The large F52F1048 (2000 cfm) are sized for a large house with a single large heating and or AC system. The F502F1048 (1000 cfm) fit a condo or small house.

Running the furnace-AC blower on constant is recommended. Most thermostats have an Auto-On switch. Setting the switch to ON will keep the blower running and purifying the air. The more dust collected by the air cleaner results in less dust on the furniture.

The F52F has an air resistance similar to the standard 1" filter. Thus an F52F of the same size as the heating systems 1" filter is a good reference. Review the F52F Product Data for installation instructions.

Collector Cell Washing

collector cell dirt on platesWe recommend soaking the collector cells. Soaking cleans better than the dishwasher and cleans better than a pressure washer. The cells typically do not need to be cleaned as often as the prefilters.

After cleaning, inspect the cell plates for dirt, hold the cell up to light. View the plates through the ionizing section to see the dirtiest side. Note that only every other plate captures dirt.

The plates are either charged or grounded. The charged particles are attracted to the grounded plates and repelled by the charged plates. Closely check the grounded plates, where as the charged plates will clean easily.

F52F New Equipment Warranty

Honeywell Two Yeah Limited WarrantyThe Honeywell warranty for the F52F1048 and F52F1055 is 2 years. Out customers simply ship us the defective part. We test and confirm defective. We ship back a brand new part at no charge.

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