F50A-E Harness
Wire Harness for F50A F50E neon light with AFS jumper

Wire Harness for F50A F50E neon light with an AFS jumper. Bel-Aire includes the wire harness and jumper with order of power supply PS1201C01 and PS1202C00. Honeywell power supply kits does not comes with the right neon light conectors and the jumper to bypass the AFS.

This wire harness allows for easy connection of the neon light to the J4 connection. The black jumper is used to bypass the AFS (air flow sensor). If the power supply does not have an AFS it requires by-passing the AFS.

Original Neon Light wire Connectors

F50A-E Original WireThe Honeywell power supply kits intructions states to connect the neon light wire on E5+P6 or E5+E6. The wire connectors that comes with the Honeywell kit where made for ealier power supply, which have connectors to connect on notches on the edges of the power supply. The new power supply kits still have the older wire which makes it hard for a connection on E5 or E6 without modifications.

Bypass the Air Flow Sensor

The earlier F50A and F50 used to be wired direct to the blower. This allowed the power supply to turn on when supplid with 120V from the blower. Now the new Honeywell power supply comes with the option to add an AFS (air flow sensor).

If your unit DOES NOT have an AFS and you have the new power supply, such as the PS1201C01 and PS1202C00, the AFS must be bypassed for the power supply to turn on. To bypass the AFS you simply connect the two pins marked' bypass AFS" on J3 (see photo below) situated on the bottom left of the power supply.

Honeywell power supply bypass air flow sensor

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