Honeywell F100F1625
Media Air Cleaner 16 x 25 MERV 11 1400 CFM

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The F100F1625 Media Air Cleaner captures a significant amount of the airborne particles in the air, as small as 0.3 microns, circulated through the unit. Replaces previous model F100F1012 and F100F2002.

The charged media air cleaner includes the steel cabinet, access door and MERV 11 pleated media filter FC100A1029.

The F100 does not require electrical wiring and can be mounted in any position. It requires no maintenance except periodic media filter repalcement every 6 months to a year based on usage.

Rugged zinc-coated, roll-formed cabinet resists corrosion and can support the weight of a residential furnace and evaporator coil up to 5 tons. This F100 steel frame is easily upgradeable to the F300E electronic air cleaner. See section below for more info.

Product Specifications

Aplication Duct mounted
Dimensions (in.) 16 in. x 25 in.
Dimensions (mm) 406 mm x 635 mm
Type of Air Cleaner Media Air Cleaner
Airflow Capacity (cfm) Maximum-- 1400 cfm
Airflow Capacity (m³/hr) Maximum-- 2380 m³/hr
Efficiency Standard Efficiency ratings based on ASHRAE Standard
52.2-1999. Efficiency ranges are defined for small particles, E1=0.3 to 1.0 microns; medium particles, E2=1.0 to 3.0 microns; and large particles, E3=3.0 to 10.0 microns.
Fractional Efficiency E1=25%, E2=62%, E3=85%
Replacement Filters FC100A1029, FC200E1029, POPUP1625
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value MERV 11
Static Pressure Drop 0.23 wc at 500 FPM
Additional Features Includes Media Air Cleaner and MERV 11 Filter
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Filter Element: UL Listed, UL900, Class 2
Tradeline Value Tradeline

F100 versus F200 versus F300

Honeywell uses the same chassis for the F100, F200, and F300. The chassis is made in four sizes 16x20, 16x25, 20x20, 20x25. They all accept the same media filters or can be fitted with electronic cells.

The FC40R is the basic register filter rated at Merv 10. The F100 model comes with a filter rated at Merv 11. The F100 filter will also fit in the F200.

The F200 model uses the same chassis as the F100 but without the remote indicator. The F200 comes with a filter rated at Merv 13 . The F200 filter will also fit the F100 model.

The earlier model F35F and F25F also used the same chassis and door as the F100. The F25 and F35 used the current F100 or F200 replacement filters.

BEST 15 TrueCLEAN Air Cleaners   99%
BETTER 12-14 F300E Electronic Air Cleaner   98%  
BETTER 13 F200F Media Air Cleaner   97%  
GOOD 11 F100F Media Air Cleaner 96%    
GOOD 10 FC40R Return Grille Air Filters   86%    
BASIC 1-4 1" Fiberglass Filter 20%      

Upgrade to F300E Electronic Air Cleaner

The F100F2002 steel frame can be upgraded to the F300E1019 electronic air cleaner. The frame has knock-outs to accommodate the F300E power box. The F100 frame is the same as the F300 frame.

Purchase the F300E1019 and move the components to your existing frame. The F300 cells, prefilters, and postfilters slide into the F100 frame, replacing the FC100A1029 media filter.

The photo below shows the F100 frame. The frame has knock-outs that allow the cell contacts to protrude through. Remove the knock-outs to install the F300 power box. The power box simply mounts with two screws and has a 5ft cord that plugs in to a standard 120v outlet.Honeywell f200f to f300e upgrade

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