White-Rodgers ECS750W
ComfortPro ElectroPure White 750 Cfm Single
No Longer Available

  White White & UV Bronze Bronze & UV

White-Rodgers ElectroPure ECS750W color white. The modular design of the ComfortPro easily adapts to fit your needs, whatever they may be. So whether your environment demands a freestanding, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted unit, ComfortPro is the stylish solution that you can install in exactly the right spot without compromising the appearance of your space or the performance of your system. One year warranty.

ElectroPure Features:

  • Variable High Voltage output (user adjustable).

  • Programmable filter service indicator light signals when the unit should be cleaned.

  • All parts are readily accessible for service or replacement.

  • Lightweight electronic cell features rugged design for commercial applications.

ComfortPro Optional Accessories

Prefilter Synthetic Polyester for ComfortPro SeriesPreFilter
ComfortPro Prefilter
Recessed Ceiling Mount Kit for ComfortPro

Ceiling Mount


Recessed Ceiling Mount Kit for ECD1500
Activated Carbon Post Filter for ComfortPro


Carbon Filter

ComfortPro Activated Carbon Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Super Duty for ComfortPro

Activated Carbon

odorFree Filter

Activated Carbon Odor Free for ComfortPro
Wall Mounting Kit for White-Rodgers ComfortPro Series

Wall Mount

Surface or Built-in

Wall Mount Kit for ECS750
ConfotPro UV LampUV Lamp
Ultra-Violet Replacement Bulb for ComfortPro
Fragrance Gel Scent Cup for ComfortPro SeriesFresh Scent
ComfortPro Fragrance Gel Cup
Corner Mounting Kit for Single ComfortPro

Corner Mount

Optimizes room space

Corner Wall Mounting Kit for ECS750
Collector Cell for ComfortPro ECS ECD Series


Collection Cell

Collector Cell For ECS ECD
Transport Box for ComfortPro ECS or ECD Collector Cell

Transport Box

(Electronic Cell)

ComfortPro Service Transport Box for ECS ECD Collector Cell
Pedestal Stand with Recessed Casters for ComfortPro

Pedestal Mount

Mobile Caster-

based Pedestal

Pedestal Mount for ECS
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