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WARNING on bogus e-mail purporting to be from Bel-Aire

Previous customers and non-customers beware of a bogus e-mail purporting to be from Bel-Aire. The e-mail is not from Bel-Aire, and contains a link to malicious software. I highly advise these e-mail be ignored or reported.

Our customers and even those who have never deal business with our company may have received bogus e-mail concerning open invoices.

How to spot these bogus e-mails:

Our agents name or e-mail is being used as a title to mask the bogus address. See example below. By inspecting the e-mail from line, a title/name can be anything but the actual address may go unspotted.


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E-mail Ericson
Tech Support:
My Bel-Aire website offers an unsurpassed library of online tech-notes built from over a decade of answering customer questions. You will find your answer explained in full detail on our page where the part is sold. E-mail Dave

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Phone: (774) 901-4770
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