Aprilaire 4827
Power Door Assembly for Aprilaire 5000 Models 2005 and Later

Power pack door for Aprilaire 5000 Series Two. Complete assembly, ready to snap on and plug in. This door has on-off switch and the blue neon light inside the Aprilaire decal. The cord length is 72" and has a standard 120v 3-prong male plug.

Electrical Rating: 120 vac, 0.3 amp, 60 hz.

The 4827 power pack door is used in the model 5000 manufactured May 2005 and later.

The 4827 replaces previous part number 4596.

Aprilaire 5000 Series 1 and 2

The Aprilaire 5000 electronic air cleaner was redesigned in May of 2005. The new Model 5000 now has a wider frame, the ealier 5000 was 11-3/8" wide and the new 5000 has a 12" wide frame. The access door / power pack was also made wider as well as equiped with a new latch design. The new 5000 also has longer ionizing wires, 25" where as the earler model had wires 24-15/16" in length. The stainless mounting bracket for the ionizing wires was also changed.

The new Model 5000 has identical performance to the earlier. The new 5000 uses the same internal power supply, same ionizer frame, same filter housing and same 501 filter.

The photo below shows the new and old model 5000. Most notably the door is different.

Aprilaire 5000 Wiring

The Aprilaire 5000 should be plugged in to an outlet that is only powered when the furnace blower is running. Most new furnaces provide a connection for an electronic air cleaner (EAC). If an EAC connection is not available, see the Aprilaire Model 51 current sensing relay.

See the schematic pasted on the inside of your furnace door. Photo below shows the EAC connection in our furnace.

For wiring, see Page 7 of Aprilaire 5000 Installation Manual.

 Aprilaire 5000 Schematic

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