Aprilaire 4602
Ionizing Wire for Aprilaire 5000 for Models 2005 and Later

Aprilaire 5000 Series Two ionizing wire. The length measures 25 inch center to center of eyelet hole. Eyelet hole is 1/8" dia. Wire diameter measures 0.009". Ionizing wires are made of tungsten wire with stainless steel eyelets. The wire and eyelets are non-magnetic.

Sold individually. Our price is for 1 genuine Aprilaire wire. Note the Aprilaire 5000 has a total of 9 wires.

The 4602 is used in models manufactured May 2005 and later.

Aprilaire 5000 Series 1 and 2

The Aprilaire 5000 electronic air cleaner was redesigned in May of 2005. The new Model 5000 now has a wider frame, the ealier 5000 was 11-3/8" wide and the new 5000 has a 12" wide frame. The access door / power pack was also made wider as well as equiped with a new latch design. The new 5000 also has longer ionizing wires, 25" where as the earler model had wires 24-15/16" in length. The stainless mounting bracket for the ionizing wires was also changed.

The new Model 5000 has identical performance to the earlier. The new 5000 uses the same internal power supply, same ionizer frame, same filter housing and same 501 filter.

The photo below shows the new and old model 5000. Most notably the door is different.

Ionizing Wire length

The spring lever for the ionizing wires was redesign in May 2005. The ionizer frame has remained compatible with previous versions, but the spring levers have changed.

The redesign of the spring lever changed the ionizing wire length. The series one spring levers use the wire Aprilaire 4315. The series one spring levers are shown below.

use Ionizing wire 4315 for the series one spring levers

The photo below shows the series two ionizer frame. The stainless steel spring levers for the ionizing wires are different than the above. Ionizer frame's with these spring levers use ionizer wire Aprilaire 4602.

Use ionizing wire 4602 for series two spring levers

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