Aprilaire 4598
Ionizer Frame Assembly w/Ionizing Wires for Aprilaire 5000

Aprilaire 5000 Ionizer Frame Assembly 4598. The ionizer frame has an overall size measuring 27¾ x 16½ x 2¾".

The ionizer frame is fully assembled with:
√ Control electrode grid 4311 (by Aprilaire)
√ Ionizing wires 4602 (Qty 9)
√ Ground lever 4599.

This ionizer frame 4598 is used in all model 5000, from the first model to present. Complete assembly is ready to snap on to filter housing and run.

Ionizing Wire length

The spring lever for the ionizing wires was redesign in May 2005. The ionizer frame has remained compatible with previous versions, but the spring levers have changed.

The redesign of the spring lever changed the ionizing wire length. The series one spring levers use the wire Aprilaire 4315. The series one spring levers are shown below.

use Ionizing wire 4315 for the series one spring levers

The photo below shows the series two ionizer frame. The stainless steel spring levers for the ionizing wires are different than the above. Ionizer frame's with these spring levers use ionizer wire Aprilaire 4602.

Use ionizing wire 4602 for series two spring levers

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