Aprilaire 45
Aprilaire 45 Water Panel Pad Humidifier Filter 2-Pack
3 to 4$16.80
5 or more$15.60
  9½ x 9¾ 11½ x 14¾ 10 x 13 11 x 13

Aprilaire #45 water panel used in the models 400 and 400A. Our above price is for a box with 2 water panels.

We measured the size: 10 x 13 x 1½", but the sizes may vary an 1/8".

Replace twice a year. The #45 is different than the other water panels. The model 400 conserves water because water trickles down the water panel but not out a drain. The water fills up a reservoir tray at the bottom and a sensor shuts off the solenoid when filled. The #45 is made of paper product reinforced by aluminum wire. The paper dries it wicks up the water in the reservoir. As the water evaporates, the reservoir empties and a sensor turns on the solenoid. More water trickles down and fills up the reservoir. The cycle repeats.

A high quality water filter suitable for use in food service equipment is recommended.

Aprilaire In-Line Strainer & Orifice

Aprilaire Flow-Thru humidifiers have a solenoid with a small strainer filter in the body. These strainers should be inspected and cleaned when replacing the water panel. If the strainer becomes clogged the water pressure will tear it and pieces will jam the solenoid or loose pieces will block the orifice.

Aprilaire 24 Volt Solenoid
Aprilaire 4004 InLine Strainer Aprilaire 4231 Yellow Orifice

Genuine Aprilaire Water Panels

The Aprilaire #45 water panel is made of layers of a paper like product and a reinforcing aluminum wire mesh. These water panels are used in the water conserving model 400 humidifier. Unlike conventional water panels made of a pumice coated aluminum, the #45 do not last as long.

The #45 water panels need to be replaced twice a season. Aprilaire packages two #45 water panels in one box. Our above price is for one Aprilaire box of two water panels, a one season or one year supply.

Genuine Aprilaire humidifier water panels
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