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The Aprilaire 360 includes the humidifier assembly with a built in fan. Inside the 360 is a circuit board that turns on the fan and solenoid valve when the contol wires are connected. The water panel (#35) is mounted in a plastic frame with the water distribution tray. A manual humidistat and saddle valve are included. The items included are shown in our photos.

The self contained Aprilaire 360 is designed for homes without a central forced hot air heating system. The 360 would mount in the wall with the backside in an area such as a closet (above 65°) where water lines and wiring is unseen.

The model 360 draws room temperature air and requires hot water to facilitate the evaporation process. The 360 is a flow-thru humidifier and requires a drain. Output is rated at 12 gallons per day.

What is Flow-Thru Humidifier?

The term Flow-Thru refers to water trickling through the water panel and out a drain. The advantages of a flow-thru design is reduced maintenance and no standing water. Scale from calcium and lime gets flushed out of the water panel and down the drain. The water panel is an aluminum mesh with a porous coating that inhibits growth of slime and is easy to change (once a year).

The disadvantage of the Flow-Thru is water usage. We are in the northeast where this is not an issue. We get a flat rate water bill unless there is excessive usage then the rate goes up. The Flow-Thru humidifier does not cause excessive usage.

The Flow-Thru is an evaporative humidifier and requires hot air. If not using hot air then hot water should be used. We see little humidity gain if our Flow-Thru humidifier is operating with cold air (and cold water). We run our blower on constant to best utilize our electronic air cleaner, but our humidifier is wired to only operate only when there is hot air and works very well.

Flow-thru Humidifier Type Demostration

Manual Versus Automatic Humidistat

The indoor humidity level needs to be set based on the outside temperature. This is to prevent water from running down the windows. The cool air near the windows can not hold the humidity and water will condense on the glass. To prevent this condensation, the indoor humidity level is sacrificed by lowering the humidistat.

An automatic humidistat (Aprilaire 60) adjusts the humidity by using an outside temperature sensor.

The Aprilaire manual humidistat as used in earlier Aprilaire humidifiers (Model 4655) requires adjusting the relative humidity based on the outside temperature. A manual humidistat needs to be set back as the season gets colder. The chart below shows the humidity setting for a range of outside temperatures.

When The Outdoor
Temperature is
This Relative Humidity
Should Be Maintained

Aprilaire Model 360 Warranty

Apreilaire five year warrantry for the model 350The Aprilaire warranty for our new Model 360 is five years. See page 16 of the owners manual. Our customers simply ship us the defective part. We inspect and test and confirm defective. We then ship back a brand new part.

The problem with humidifiers is typically due to water quality problems. The solenoid will corrode or freeze up with calcium deposits. The solenoid has an inline filter that when clogged with sediment will tear and pieces of the filter will jam the solenoid.

The warranty does not cover problems with calcium and scale.

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