Skuttle A00-0811-120
Skuttle Fan Wire Harness for Steam Model F60 & 60

This wire harness kit includes two peices, the section inside the control box and the longer section that connects to furnace blower controller. Used in the Skuttle F60-1 F60-2 60-1 60-2, White-Rodgers HSP2000 HSP2600, and Honeywell HE420 HE460.

The internal section of the harness has the red and white wires, see photo. Its overall length is 8 inches. Its modular connector snaps into the stainless steel control box panel and the other end has ¼" female spade connectors that connects to the bi-metalic switch.

The external section has a modular connector that mates with the internal section that was mounted in the control box. The overall length of this peice is 60 inches and would be extended by thermostat type wire to connect to the furnace blower controller.

This wiring is used to turn on the furnace blower after the humidifier comes up to temperature. Inside the humidifier control box this harness is connected to a simple bi-metalic switch (000-0431-030). When the humidifier is hot and producing steam the bi-metalic switch will close and turn on the blower.

For a wiring diagram see page 5 of the Skuttle Wiring Manual.

Replaces Honeywell 32000156-001.

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