Permatron WA2
Permatron Central Air Conditioner Filter 30 x 100
No Longer Available. Use WA-3 as alternative.

  25 x 80 30 x 100 38 x 110

Permatron's patented PreVent® wrap-around central A/C filter (WA-3) is a permanent, washable woven synthetic fabric. Measuring 38 x 110 inches. The filter is affixed to the outer perimeter of the air intake fins and held in place by (3) 20" bungee cords (included).

As the air conditioner runs, the filter traps airborne particulates, cottonwood, pollen and bugs before they enter the condenser fins. This clog reduces air flow needed and as a result loses its cooling capacity and uses more energy.

Built with durability in mind, the filter's black PVC coated polyester high abrasion media is UV protected. PreVent® Equipment Protection Filters are the standard for large commercial systems where improved efficiency results in major savings. PreVent® will stand up to hostile environments including corrosive areas, UV exposure and fluctuating weather conditions. The filter is easily vacuumed, brushed in place or removed and washed. Permatron reassure a 5 year warranty.

Clean Coils + Good Air Flow = Cool Air

Permatron PreVent AC Condenser FilterHere is a two year old air conditioner. Being an hvac engineer, I paid $$$ for energy saving efficiency.

But it has now sucked in cedar mulch and pollen from a nearby flowering dogwood.

My air conditioner looks new, but close inspection shows the loss of efficiency.

As a result, the equpment loses its cooling capability, electrical cost rise and equipment can break down early.

A clean AC unit saves energy.

Permatron PreVent AC Condenser Filter

PreVent® Installation and Cleaning

Installation is simple, just wrap the filter around the condensing unit and attached the three bungee cords.

The filter can be quickly cleaned with a vacuum while in place. For a more thorough cleaning, remove the filter and wash with a hose. Spray in a mild cleaner and hose off, spraying at the filters interior side forcing the dirt and debris back out the exterior side.

Sizing PreVent® Wrap-Around A/C Filter

To determine the size of your PreVent® A/C condenser filter, measure your unit from top to bottom. There are three (3) standard heights available 25", 30" and 38". Next measure the length the filter will wrap-around the condenser. The three standard lengths are 80", 100" and 110".

If the height is not an exact match, the filter should be folded under at the bottom. Any excess length can also be folded under at the edges or cut-to-size. The length of the bungee cords are 20" and hook anywhere thru the filter.

Permatron PreVent Wrap-Around Central A/C Filter

Permatron air filtration innovations since 1957Permatron filters are made in USA productsPermatron central AC filters are made in the USA. Permatron has been an air filtration manufacturer since 1957.

The PreVent® polypropylene fabric is manufactured by Permatron in Illinois. The filters are assembled, stitched and packaged at the Illinois plant.

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