White-Rodgers SST1000-151
White-Rodgers Comfort Plus w/AFS 1000 CFM 16 x2 1
No Longer Available. White-Rodgers has discontinued the SST air cleaners.

  16 x 21 16 x 26 20 x 21 20 x 26

The SST1000-151 is a complete system for a small house or condo. Assembled and ready to connect the duct work (as shown in our photos).

√ Steel Cabinet, Junction Box, 9' 120v Cord
√ Power Box with AFS (120 Volt)
√ Collector Cells (Qty 2)
√ Pre-Filters (Qty 2)

The SST1000-151 has the AFS (air flow sensor) that only powers up the SST when there is air flow. This SST simply plugs in to a regular 120v outlet and knows when to turn on.

The electronic air cleaners capture particulate and carbon filters capture odors (not included).

All SST1000 parts are interchangeable with the former part number 10C26S-0100.

Air Cleaner Sizing and Selection

White-Rodgers SST Air Cleaner Sizing and SelectionThe best size air cleaner is the largest that will fit. The larger the air cleaner, the greater capacity for particulate. This reduces the need to clean as often. The larger air cleaner will also have a slower air velocity that will increase the cleaning performance.

Fitting the air cleaner to the current duct work can be a primary consideration. Not recommended is using a small SST for a large house. The SST are sized large, medium and small.

The large SST2000 (2000 cfm) are sized for a large house with a single large heating and or AC system. The SST1400 & SST1600 (1400-1600 cfm) fit a medium size house. The SST1000 (1000 cfm) fit a condo or small house.

Running the furnace-AC blower on constant is recommended. Most thermostats have an Auto-On switch. Setting the switch to ON will keep the blower running and purifying the air. The more dust collected by the air cleaner results in less dust on the furniture.

The SST has an air resistance similar to the standard 1" filter. Thus an SST of the same size as the heating systems 1" filter is a good reference. Review the SST Owner's manual installation instructions.

SST Series Air Flow Sensor Option

White-Rogers SST Series Air flow ensor optionThe newest SST is available with or without a built-in air flow sensor (AFS). The AFS automatically turns on the air cleaner when air flow is present. AKA; air flow switch, air flow monitor.

Newer furnaces provide a power connection for an air cleaner making the air flow switch not necessary. Check the schematic pasted on the inside of your air handler for a connection labeled EAC 120v. When using the EAC connection, wire the EAC contacts to a 120v outlet (in a utility box). Then plug the SST cord in to the outlet. 

Warning do not wire the SST directly to the wires that power the furnace blower. A multi-speed blower can back feed voltage when running on different speeds. Voltage spikes are also a problem. Another option is an external air flow sensor.

Collector Cell Washing

We recommend soaking the collector cells. Soaking cleans better than the dishwasher and cleans better than a pressure washer. The cells typically do not need to be cleaned as often as the prefilters.

After cleaning, inspect the cell plates for dirt, hold the cell up to light. View the plates through the ionizing section to see the dirtiest side. Note that only every other plate captures dirt.

The plates are either charged or grounded. The charged particles are attracted to the grounded plates and repelled by the charged plates. Closely check the grounded plates, where as the charged plates will clean easily.

240 Vac 60Hz Conversion Kit

The SST Series 240v conversion kit is a step-down transformer allows the SST to operate on 240 vac power. The transformer is mounted in SST junction box. Transformer kit simply replaces existing junction box cover plate.

New SST Equipment Warranty

The White-Rodgers warranty for all the new SST1000 SST1400 SST1600 SST2000 is five years. Our customers simply ship us the defective part. We test and confirm the part is defective. We then ship back a brand new part at no charge.

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