Permatron 190909
Permatron Polypropylene Prefilter for F52 Honeywell 11¼ x 23

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F52C F52D Prefilter Upgrade Single Cell Dual Cell

Permatron prefilter designed specifically for a upgrading the Honeywell 190909 prefilter. This Permatron static charged filter replaces the standard aluminum mesh prefilter. Constructed from a black electrostatic polypropylene mesh with and expanded aluminum grille embedded in the mesh. The outer frame is galvanized steel.

This 190909 prefilter fits the Honeywell return grille F52C1078. Measures 23 x 11-1/4 x 5/16". Measure and check your prefilter dimensions.

Electro-Static Prefilter

Metal Mesh Efficincy versus Permatron filtersThe Permatron prefilter significantly improves the capture of the larger 10+ micron particulate. By effectively removing this larger particulate, the collector cell more effectively captures the smaller particulate.

The improved capture of large particles will reduce the occasional spark. Also the need to wash the cells will be extended. The Permatron prefilter has a low 0.09 wg air resistance making it interchangeable with the metal mesh at 0.07 wg.

A quick cleaning of the prefilter is recommended once a month. Simply vacuum or rinse with a hose. Washing the cells would be recommended every 6 months. See brochure for more info.

Quality Construction

Permatron rugged galvanized steel framePermatron prefilters and carbon filters are constructed with a rugged galvanized steel frame. The frames do not easily kink or push out of square. They are not flimsy like the Honeywell brand.

The prefilter polypropylene weave is gripped solid by the steel frame. Very good quality.
Metal mesh filters can be pulled out of frame

Permatron air filtration innovations since 1957Permatron filters are made in USA productsPermatron filters are made in Illinois. The foam, activated carbon, poly-propylene, aluminum mesh and steel frame are all products of the USA.

The genuine Honeywell prefilters are stamped with Product of Mexico.

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