Aprilaire 412
EZ Super Filter Adhesive Coat for Efficiency Improvement
  10 Ounce Half Gallon One Gallon Five Gallon

Reasearch Products 412 super filter coat 10 ounce spray bottle. Air filter adhesive for EZ Kleen air filters. Improves efficiency of prefilters used in electronic air cleaners. We do NOT recommend applying the filter coat on Permatron Electrostatic perfilters. The viscosity oil can ground the Permatron prefilter, preveting its electrostatic ability.

The aluminum mesh prefilters will maintain their initial efficiency with periodic applications of RP Super Filter Coat after cleaning. After a period of use of the prefilter, dirt, lint and the original water soluble adhesive coating are easily removed by simply flushing the filter in a stream of water. A new, easily-applied coating of RP Super Filter Coat can restore the filter's superior performance qualities.

RP Super Filter Coat Adhesive:

  • Helps trap dirt, dust and pollen
  • Is available in various sizes as shown in the Product Data Sheet
  • Improves the effectiveness of aluminum mesh filters

UPC: 6-86270-41200-4
NSN: 4130-00-860-0042

Aplication and Contents

Aplication Methods:

  • Dipping
  • For maximum amounts of adhesize and optinum filter performance, dipping of the filter in adhesize is generally recommended. After dipping, the filter can be drained preferably horizontaly to insure a more uniform distribution of the adhesize over the face of the filter.

  • Spraying
  • Super Filter Coat may also be applied by spraying with a standard garden or paint spray gun. To obtain optimum filter performance and effective on both intake and exhaust side. Filter of 1/2" thickness or under require adhesive spraying on one side only.

  RP-412 RP-418 RP-419 RP-421
Soluble Hydrocarbon oil 44% 58% 58% 58%
Anit-Microbial Agent <1% 0.4% 0.4% 0.4%
Polyethelene Thickener <1% 1.2% 1.2% 1.2%
Water 55% 40% 40% 40%

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