Friedrich 616-201-00
Power Supply Circuit Board for Friedrich C-90 Series (PS1201C01)
Replaced by PS1201C01

High voltage power supply for the C-90 Series 120v.

Honeywell new power supply design PS1201C01 is used in replacement to Friedrich power Supply.

The circuit board has an approximate size of 4½ x 6½ x 1¾ inches. The circuit board comes assembled with the metal base.

This circuit board has connections (P1,P2) for the 120v blue and yellow wires. Connections (P3,P4) connect to the cell with the red and black wires. Connector P5 for the neon lamp brown wire. Connections also provided for the green chassis ground wires. See wiring diagram in the Service Manual below.

PS1201C01 Replaces 616-201-00 Power Supply

Honeywell have re-designed their 208425A power supply with a new version named the PS1201C01. This new PS1201C01 is compatible with Friedrich C-90 Series in replacement of the Friedrich 616-201-00 power supply. The P5 jumper must be set to 1.05mA for it to match Friedrich C-90 series single cell compatability (see Photo Below).

Honeywell new replacement power supply

ByPass Air Flow Sensor Feature

overwritting air flow sensor featureIf the air cleaner does not have an internal AFS (air flow sensor), then this feature needs to be bypassed. The power supply will not turn on unless the AFS is bypassed.

Connect the two pins together labeled 'bypass AFS" on J3 using a jumper; or to permanently bypass the AFS, cut the R16 resistor.

Fitting the PS1201C01 into the C90

The original power supply on C90 series is a Honeywell product. The PS1201C01 power supply board board edges needs to be trimmed in order for it to fit inside the C90 power supply cavity.

On previous generations Honeywell used to mark the edges to indicate where to trim. See photos of previous generation marks and edges. This can be easily done with a file.

Power Supply Bench Test

The following is our procedure to test the power supply. Warning high voltage shock can cause death.

The power supply has the option to disable the air flow sensor (see bypass AFS section). The AFS can be temporary disabled for testing by borrowing jumper from J8 to connection J3 position marked "bypass AFS". This power supply does not require the air flow sensor to operate. The photo below shows an older power supply that just needs 120v to power a cell.

Connect 120 vac to terminals P1 and P2. Check the following outputs with respect to chassis ground.

Terminal P3 will output 8.2k vdc
Terminal P4 will be 4.2k vdc

Since high voltage meters are not common, Honeywell provides the neon lamp as reliable voltage indicator. If the high voltage output falls below spec the neon lamp voltage will drop out.

Shorting P3 or P4 to ground has the same effect as the test button. The short will temporarily cause the neon indicator to go out. By tapping P4 to ground you should be able to draw an arc 1/32". Tapping P3 to ground can produce a larger arc near 3/16". These tests are with out the cells connected, the arc will be twice the length with cells connected.

Honeywell Power supply bench test procedure

Evolution of the F50 F300 Power Supply

The F50A was introduced in 1972 and has evolved in to the current F300. The same collector cells that were used in the F50A are still used in the F300. Thus variations of the current F300 power supply are used as the replacements for the prior F50 models.

In 1972 the F50A had an analog power supply as shown bottom-left. Then in 1987 the F50E was released, The F50E was the same as the F50A but with a new electronic power supply that offered two new optional features. The F50E offers an optional remote indicator and an air flow switch.

In 1993 the F50F was introduced with an all new chassis. The F50F now has all the electronics, from a 120v cord to the contacts for the cells built-in to the power box. Now a simple power box swap was a sure fix.

In 1998 the F50F Series 2 was released with a new optional LCD remote indicator that replaced the prior LED indicator. Also the internal power box wiring was improved with molex plug connectors. The connectors simplified manufacturing and power box repairs.

In 2000 the F300 was introduced that was identical to the F50F but the paint color was changed to blue. The F300 now has post filters that will also slide in to the F50F.

In 2012 Honeywell radically redesigned their power supply. They are very flexible and universal for multiple applications. Also, they seem to have better power surge protection along with ground loop frequency insolator.The new power supply design have the series one LED + AFS connection as well as the series two connections.
Evolution of the Honeywell F50 and F300 power supply

Warranty on PS1201C01 Power Supply

Honeywell Two Year Warranty for Replacement PartsThe Honeywell warranty for the PS1201C01 is 2 years from the date of purchase. Our customers simply need to ship us the defective part. We test and confirm defective. We then ship back a brand new part at no charge.

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