Skuttle 55UD
Skuttle Under Duct Mount Flow-Thru Humidifier 20 gpd
  Flow-Thru Drum

Skuttle 55UD includes the mounting frame, Skuttle universal humidistat, self-piercing saddle valve, 24 volt transformer, baffle, mounting hardware and one evaporator pad. Our photos show the items included.

The 55UD mounts under the duct and utilizes a flow-thru evaporator pad. The pad will need replacement once a year. Water treatment is recommended to control scale and lime deposits.

Flow-thru humidifiers are the best choice for hard water as mineral deposits are flushed out. The 55UD requires a drain. Durable thermo-plastic cabinet resists rust, corrosion, and warping. Interior components designed for easy cleaning or replacement. No tools required to replace the evaporator pad.

Not included is the water line or copper tubing, the ½" drain tubing and humidistat/thermostat wire.

Skuttle 55UD Duct Openeing Measurement

Skuttle Current Sensing Relay A50

The relay is clamped on to the blower wire and has an internal switch that closes when the blower receives current. The blower voltage can be 120v or 240v, only the amperage important. The internal switch is electronic and can only switch on or off 24 volts, such as any 24 vac humidifier.

Skuttle Automatic Flushing Timer

The flushing timer drains the humidifier water pan allowing it to refill with fresh clean water. The timer is set to drain the water every 12 hours. Flushing the humidifer keeps the humidifier clean of stagnant water and mineral deposits from accumulating.

What is a Flow-Thru Humidifier?

The term Flow-Thru refers to water trickling through the water panel and out a drain. The advantages of a flow-thru design is reduced maintenance and no standing water. Scale from calcium and lime gets flushed out of the water panel and down the drain. The water panel is an aluminum mesh with a porous pumice-like coating that inhibits growth of slime and is easy to change (once a year).

The disadvantage of the Flow-Thru is water usage. When in operation water flows in to the 500 water panel 3 gph. We are in the northeast where this is not an issue. We get a flat rate water bill unless there is excessive usage then the rate goes up. The Flow-Thru humidifier does not cause excessive usage.

The Flow-Thru is an evaporative humidifier and requires hot air. If not using hot air then hot water should be used. We see little humidity gain if our Flow-Thru humidifier is operating with cold air (and cold water). We run our blower on constant to best utilize our electronic air cleaner, but our humidifier is wired to only operate only when there is hot air and works very well.

Flow-thru Humidifier Type Demostration

Skuttle One Year Warranty

The Skuttle warranty for our new 55UD humidifier is one year. Our customers simply ship us the defective part. We inspect and test and confirm defective. We then ship back a brand new part.

The problem with humidifiers is typically due to water quality. Parts will corrode or freeze up with calcium and lime deposits. Hard water containing chlorine or salt will corrode the motor. Water filtration and treatment is the solution. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

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