Honeywell 50045947-001
Honeywell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System w/Tank
**Obsolete** Replaced by part HM600XROF1.

  Replacement Filter RO System

Honeywell Reverse-Osmosis (RO) water filtration system. Recommended for TrueSteam humidifiers where the purified water will maintain peak efficiency and reduce the need for cleaning. The system includes the folowing items (see photos):

1) Reverse Osmosis Manifold Assembly
2) Reverse Osmosis Filter Cartridge
3) Sediment Filter Cartridge
4) Staging Tank Cartridge
5) Large Steel Storage Tank
6) Supply Tubing 20 ft, ¼" dia White Tube
7) Tank Line 6 ft, 3/8" dia Yellow Tube
8) Drain Line 8 ft, ¼" Red Tube & Flow Restrictor
9) Adapter Elbow 3/8" x ¼"
10) Mounting Screws and Washer

Use the Honeywell water quality test kit to determine the need for an RO system. Steam humidifiers demand pure water to prevent premature corrosion from chlorine, salt, etc.
Reverse osmosis water filter system with tank

Reverse Osmosis Requirements

Important to note is the reverse osmosis filter requires a drain and 50% of the water used is wasted down the drain. Very cold water or low pressure can reduce this efficiency. The TrueSteam would need 6-12 gallons per day, thus the RO process would also send 6-12 gallons to the drain.

The RO water is pure and tasteless, ideal for the steam humidifier. RO water is stripped of minerals leaving the water with a high PH (acrid), not a problem for the humidifier. But do not use copper tubing with the acrid RO water. For such usage, the high PH would need to be offset by adding (dissolving) a mineral such as calcite in to the water.

honeywell reverse osmosis filter

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