Honeywell 50027910-001
Differential Pressure Switch for Humidifiers

Honeywell 50027910-001 pressure switch senses
changes in duct air pressure to confirm air movement. This
provides a safeguard that airflow is present during the
operation of installed IAQ equipment such as humidifiers.


SPST: normally open, snap-acting contacts
Pressure setpoint contacts: change at 0.04 in. W.C.
5 amp resistive @ 24VAC
One common (C), One Normally Open (NO) quick-connect
Operating Temperature: -40F to 190F (-40C to 88C)
Pressure Sample Taps
Black positive pressure tap. 1/4 in. outside diameter
Grey negative pressure tap. 1/4 in. outside diameter
Use with 1/4 in. inside diameter tubing (10 ft provided)

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