Honeywell 50000293-001
Honeywell Charged Postfilter Pair for F50F F300 16 x 20
5 to 9$44.16
10 or more$42.24
  10 x 16 12½ x 16 10 x 20 12½ x 20

Genuine Honeywell high efficiency postfilters. Improves filtration efficiency of Honeywell F300 F50F F58F electronic air cleaners. Contains antimicrobial coating to protect against growth of bacteria and fungus on the filter. Replace every 6 months.

Honeywell packages these filters in shrink wrapped pairs. One 10 x 16 pair is needed for the 16 x 20 models. We measured the 50000293-001 and the actual size was 10 x 16 x 5/16 inches.

Honeywell Post FilterWe sometimes received a Honeywell shipment of post filters without the shrink wrap. Click here for Discounted Price.

This postfilter is for the F300E F300A F50F F58F and will NOT fit the F50A or F50E Series. See below for compatibility info.

Post-Filter Improves E1 Capture 8%

To remove the finest E1 particles, the new Honeywell postfilter utilizes the residual charge on particulate. Particles passing through the honeycomb are pulled to the walls by static charge and trapped in the grooves. A patented open channel weave minimizes resistance to air flow while effective in capturing submicron particulate.

The photo below shows the intricate groves in the walls of the honeycomb. Antimicrobial coated. Photo magnified 6x.

The photo is compliments of our customer Bowyer Studio, Inc.

Post-Filter Compatibility

Postfilter Compatibility comparisonHoneywell post-filters improve cleaning efficiency without reducing the air flow through your air cleaner, minimizing the strain put on your central air system.

Honeywell post-filters slide in to any F300A F300E F50F F58F. These models are shown in the photo at the top-right and are identified by having a full length power box. These models have been in production since 1994.

These Post-Filters will NOT fit the earlier F50A or F50E models. These models have a short power box see lower-right photo.

Post-Filter Inspection

Honeywell Eviclaire InspectionThe photo shows a 6 month old post-filter. The clean strips align with the air that passes closest to the ionizing wires.

Inspected up close, the dirty areas are a deep stain. Vacuuming would clean the surface lint but the fine E1 particulate becomes infused like a smoke stain. Honeywell notes the postfilter will loose its static properties if washed.

Inspect your old postfilter. It will begin to collect a layer of dust or lint if cell cleaning is overdue. The postfilter will also show problems such as a missing ionizing wire.

F50 F300 Cell & Prefilter Reference

Air Cleaner Size
20 x 12½
16 x 20
16 x 25
20 x 20
20 x 25
Model Number

Air Cleaner Model Number
F300A2012 F300B2012 F50F1040 F50F1057 F50E1349 F50E1331 F50E1075 F50E1067 F50A1116 F50A1108
F300E1001 F300A1620 F50F1149
F300E1019 F300A1625 F50F1073 F50E1307 F50E1281 F50E1174 F50E1158 F50E1034 F50A1033 F50E1018 F50A1017 F58E1002 F58A1001
F300E1027 F300A2020 F50F1032 F50E1323 F50E1315 F50E1190 F50E1182 F50A1165 F50A1124 F50E1091 F50E1083
F300E1035 F300A2025 F58F1000 F50F1065 F50E1299 F50E1273 F50E1166 F50E1141 F50E1026 F50A1025 F50A1009 F50E1000
F50 F300
1 Cell
1 Prefilter
2 Cells
2 Prefilters
2 Cells
2 Prefilters
2 Cells
2 Prefilters
2 Cells
2 Prefilters
20 x 12½
16 x 10
16 x 12½
20 x 10
20 x 12½
Cell Part Number
Post Filter
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