NuCalgon 4706-87
NuCalgon Scale Treatment and Odor Cartridge NP24PC
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  Odor & Sediment Removal Catridges

The NuCalgon NP24PC purifies, treats for scale, and removes odors. Purified through blown-microfiber polypropylene removing particulate down to 10 microns. Then treated with Micromet® 6R that inhibits lime scale formation. Finally odors and chemicals are removed through activated carbon.

The NP24PS cartridge can treat up to 65 gallons of water per day for six months. Micromet dissolves slowly into the water and stabilizes the hardness minerals, thereby preventing scale formation. Made with FDA-approved materials.

Model NP24PC, Part Number 4706-87.
Used in the NP24 Housing, not included.

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  Sediment Odor & Taste Scale

Humidifier Reservoir Treatment

Corrosion has been major problem with steam humidifiers which are related to water supply chlorine and minerals.

The NuCalgon 4296-60 primarily used for keep condensate pan drain lines clear can also be used to treat humidifier. Pan-Treat tablets can be used to condition humidifier water in order to prevent odors and deposit build-up.

Pan-Treat is formulated with ingredients proven effective in cleaning and preventing these deposits, and its use will eliminate the extra maintenance costs associated with odors, mineral build up, plugged drains and overflows.

Easy to use and safe, water soluble, non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable. Use 2-4 tablets every four to six weeks as needed. Clean and rinse out the humidifier's reservoir on a regular basis.

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