Field Controls 46510800
UV-16 UV-Aire Air Purifier for 16-22" Duct (120V)

UV-Aire UV-16 Air Purifier for 16-22" Duct (120V). The UV-Aire germicidal lamp, as indoor air circulates throughout the duct and treatment zone, the UV lamp neutralizes organism's DNA making it inadequate to replicate such as airborne mold, bacteria and viruses.

UV's effectiveness in killing bacteria reflects on the microorganism's exposure time. A typical HVAC duct circulates air 75-150 times a day. When mounted over AC coil, the air purifier can keep the AC coil clean of mold by irradiating biofilm. The UV-Aire air purifier will maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of the HVAC system, saving energy cost, reducing maintenance while dramatically improving the air you breathe.


  • Minimum Duct Width: 16"
  • Electrical Rating: 120VAC, 60Hz, 30W (watts)
  • Recommended Max. Sq. Ft.: 2000
  • Lamp Intensity at 1 meter µW/cm2: 62
  • 1 Year Lamp Life Efficiency
  • Product Warranty: 18 months


Field Control UV Aire Technology

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