Field Controls 46361701
UV-12 UV-Aire Air Purifier for 12-18" Duct (120V)

UV-Aire UV-12 Air Purifier for 12-18" Duct (120V). The UV-Aire germicidal lamp continuosly attacks airborne mold, bacteria and viruses when circulating throught the duct.

UV's effectiveness in killing bacteria reflects on the microorganism's exposure time. A typical HVAC duct circulates air 40-75 times a day. When mounted over AC coil, the air purifier can keep the AC coil clean of mold by irradiating biofilm. The UV-Aire air purifier will maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of the HVAC system, saving energy cost, reducing maintenance while dramatically improving the air you breathe.


  • Minimum Duct Width: 9"
  • Electrical Rating: 120VAC, 60Hz, 30W (watts)
  • Recommended Max. Sq. Ft.: 1500
  • Lamp Intensity at 1 meter µW/cm2: 37
  • 1 Year Lamp Life Efficiency
  • Product Warranty: 18 months


Field Control UV Aire Technology

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