NuCalgon 4619-0
Mounting Bracket for NuCalgon MicroPlus Series
No Longer Available

A stainless steel mounting bracket with quick-disconnect couplers. Includes braided hose, gauge and all couplers. Allows for quick installation, easy service and will accommodate a single Micro-Plus unit (4615-W3, 4612-W3, 4613-Y8, 4614-Y8).

Pressure gauge allows easy, constant monitoring of
water pressure to equipment. Quick disconnect fittings with automatic water shut-off upon dis-coupling. Top quality braided hose suitable for all beverage, ice machine, humidifier applications.

Available as a single (shown) as well as in a double,
triple or quad configuration.

Part Number:
Single: 4619-0
Double: 4619-02
Triple: 4619-03
Quad: 4619-04

Clean fresh water makes clean fresh air
1.1M pdf 4 Pages 1.3M pdf 2 Pages
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