NuCalgon 4144-24
Nu-Calgon CalClean HD-RTU Quart Spray
2 or more$12.60

Ready-to-use version of the Special HD CalClean. Convenient spray bottle containing the same detergent as the gallon but already diluted 4 to 1.

Special HD CalClean is an extra-strong liquid detergent containing surface-active agents, grease solvents, alkaline cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and water conditioners specifically designed for cleaning electronic air filters. Electronic air filters soon become coated with tobacco tars and other deposits that are very difficult to remove with ordinary detergents.

When using the NuCalcon quart, spray directly on cells and prefilters. Soak for 5 minuites. Rinse and repeat with a longer soak if necessary.


√ The most effective heavy duty cleaner on the market.

√ Effective against all soils and build-up, especially nicotine
tar on electronic air cleaners.

√ HD CalClean is biodegradable.

√ HD CalClean has been authorized by the USDA for use
in federally inspected meat and poultry establishment.

NuCalgon is for Professional Use

Professional strength product, use within recommended dilution, soaking time, and rinse. Use a shorter soaking time if using a stronger dilution (we have seen a dulling of the new aluminum finish when cells were soaked too long).

Photo below shows a cell we sprayed with NuCalgon full strength and then forgot it for several hours. The cell still works great but the anodized finished has etched areas.
Collector Cell with prolenged exposure to Nucalgon productCollector Cell with prolenged exposure to Nucalgon product

Prefilter Washing

When cleaning the prefilter be careful not to flatten down the woven foil. The aluminum weave can be easily flattened with water pressure or when cleaning with a brush. Soaking the prefilters in a tub is recommended.

See your owner's manual for washing instructions.

MFG Industrial Grade Wash Tub

Collector Cell Washing

collector cell dirt on platesWe recommend soaking the collector cells. Soaking cleans better than the dishwasher and cleans better than a pressure washer. The cells typically do not need to be cleaned as often as the prefilters.

After cleaning, inspect the cell plates for dirt, hold the cell up to light. View the plates through the ionizing section to see the dirtiest side. Note that only every other plate captures dirt.

The plates are either charged or grounded. The charged particles are attracted to the grounded plates and repelled by the charged plates. Closely check the grounded plates, where as the charged plates will clean easily.

Cleaning Ionizing Wires

Deposits of solid silicon dioxide Honeywell recommends wiping down the ionizing wires when washing the collector cells. Also check the wires for roughness, a side effect of the corona discharge is the growth of a white quartz layer.

Air near the high-voltage ionizer wires breaks down in to ions and high energy electrons. This mixture of ions and electrons is called the corona plasma. The ions collide with suspended particulate and confer the charge.

The plasma has an unintended reaction with cyclomethicone, a silicone oil present in household products such as deodorant sprays and skin lotions. This reaction leaves deposits of solid silicon dioxide on the ionizing wires. These insulating formations will significantly suppress the corona pattern and intensity.

Research has shown cleaning the wires with 600 grit emery cloth will remove the silicon dioxide. But at the risk of damaging the wire surface or breaking the wire.

Prefilter Efficiency Improvement

Aprilaire 412 Super Filter Coat increases efficiency and dust holding capacity of prefilters used in electronic air cleaners.

The Super Coat adhesive have a unique viscosity oil in a gel-like straucture. This viscosity oil constantly absorbs dirt particles. As particles are trapped, they recede into the interior of the adhesive, and throught the circulation of the low viscosity oil a renewed impurity absorbing surface is established. This action provides a continuous impurity absorbing surface layer.

The aluminum mesh prefilters will maintain their initial efficiency with periodic applications of RP Super Filter Coat after cleaning. After a period of use of the prefilter, dirt, lint and the original water soluble adhesive coating are easily removed by simply flushing the filter in a stream of water. A new, easily-applied coating of RP Super Filter Coat can restores the filter's superior performance qualities.

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